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PixelJunk Sidescroller |

PixelJunk released a trailer for their upcoming title, PixelJunk Sidescroller. This might be better titled “PJ Shooter with all-new CRT TV effects.” See the trailer below.

How do you all feel about Sidescroller? I’m ready for a new IP from PixelJunk. Monsters is great, Shooter is all right, but I’m not sure how long PJ can realistically milk the Shooter game play dynamics and fluid effects. Moreover, a PixelJunk PR person recently confirmed that the Sidescroller soundtrack is comprised of a series of remixes of the Shooter series soundtracks.

  • Got Eden (of course!), Monsters and Shooter on my HDD waiting for me to come around and play them. The fact that the first two are 15+ hours games is not helping their case right now hehe.

  • doh, forgot about “EdEn” 🙂 that’s an interesting game as well — an original, innovative title, which is precisely the sort of thing that I like to support and psn (and which I love that Sony supports). I never finished it, though — it’s a bit of a one-trick pony that didn’t hold my interest in the end. “monsters” is a great title, a really fine tower defense game. that one and “savage moon” are the best of the genre available to us on psn, in my opinion.

  • Looks fun, but nothing we’ve never seen. Not the kind of game I look forward to play on my console when I’m at my house.

  • Jay

    wait until you guys play Orcs Must Die! omg I am so looking forward to that game. It’s like a third person action game mixed in with puzzles and tower defense.

    With that said, what kinds of genres can the PixelJunk franchise really expand into? Although this is similar to Shooter, it is different enough to maybe add something as a side scrolling shooter (but more limited since it can only fire in one direction). Maybe a series of puzzle games? Something like Lode Runner?

    Without expanding to possibly a different type of style, the PixelJunk series is going to be very limited as far as the genres they can use. But changing the style also means changing the name that made them famous…