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[UPDATE] Twisted Metal Trailer Featuring Dollface and a New Release Date!! |

Gamespot just released this exclusive new Twisted Metal trailer featuring Dollface. WOW!! That was intense!

[UPDATE] Twisted Metal also just got a new released date of Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th, 2012. Check out the video below to see the announcement from David Jaffe!!


  1. I love that they are doing live action videos for the cut scenes. Can’t wait to see more. Delay this as long as you see fit. I’m happy waiting for a quality title.

  2. Are the live action cut scenes included in the game?

  3. YAY! I can drown my sorrows in twisted metal’s awesomeness!…

  4. Did You Know: Arizona turns 100 on February 14th, 2012

  5. Pedro: Are the live action cut scenes included in the game?  

    Yes, during the single player campaign.

  6. Guess Tosh and i’ll be playing Twisted Metal on Arizona’s 100th birthday! At least after the valentines day stuff is over with lol

  7. Not a big fan of the franchise. Maybe it had to do with the last one I played was on the PSX and the tech not being up to par?

  8. They keep pushing the release date back, which is good for once since we have a busy fall. I’ll be taking this baby for a ride on Valentin’s! lol Sorry, but I had to say that, it was practically asking for it.

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