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8 Comments Lottery System Update | Facebook Like |

This is active on the current giveaway for 1 of 6 Mechjet costumes for PlayStation Home. After you donate at least once using the normal method you can get a extra entry by liking the giveaway on Facebook and posting a comment to your wall. This will remove 1 point from your account on future lotteries.

  • Very easy to use and even more social than before!

  • O my points are vanishing here with all these entries XD

  • Pretty good, I was talking about this with Jay, Oly and EdEN (i think it was them anyway) the other day. We should try our best to incentive sharing the posts and such on social media! Great addition to the already great lottery system Tosh!

  • I actually have Google+ working as well on my test site. Thoughts on that?

  • My idea was to give 1 or 2 points for sharing posts on twitter and facebook, I don’t know if it is a good one, but I figured it should increase the number of people doing it.

    Google +… well, it can’t hurt, but I don’t think that many people use it yet…

  • I’m on G+, but practically none of my friends use it, so I only very rarely frequent the site.

  • Ya, after the initial first entry of 125 or 150 points. Then the sharing methods should be lower in points now that I think about it. So I’ll start a 1 and move up. Thing is I need to have each entry method be a different point value so I can do checks against it.

    I can’t really change it during a active lottery. But I’ll change it up for the next lottery.

    On Google+ it doesn’t even show up in your stream so .. ya maybe later we’ll look at that again.

  • There’s always chance to improve. As for G+… it’s too new for it to make a difference?