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Driver: San Francisco “Film Director” Trailer |

If there was ever one great feature in a Driver game that I always enjoyed, it was the Film Director mode. There was something great about setting up cameras and filming a replay, making for some awesome chase scenes. I used this feature extensively in Driver 3, as I was allowed to download and upload clips I, and others, have uploaded online (I owned the game on XBox, so I uploaded my videos to Live).

What’s great about this game’s is that you can do the Film Director mode at any point, rather than it automatically starting from the point you began playing. If you wanted to do a video of a police chase, you had to be creative. I often pulled up next to cops at an intersection with a red light. Light turns green and I’d smoke the tires, causing the officer to chase me. It was a lot of fun.

With the addition of movie-inspired car chases in this game, as shown above with the Bullitt-inspired chase (save for a few missing details, including the wrong year Charger and the badges on the Mustang), it’s a perfect way to use this feature. I can’t be the only one excited about this game, can I? Pick it up September 2nd in EU (and maybe AU), and September 6th in NA.

  • That is an awesome feature. This game have so much potential … Tag mode was the most fun I had playing a racing simulator in a long time.

  • This game HAD potential as far as I’m concerned. I simply didn’t like the controls at all. If only they’d allow us to change them this could be a decent game.

    Just in case someone is wondering, I’m playing it with my dualshock controller.

  • not my cup of tea :-<

  • Jay

    the only thing I’d change around is the shift and handbrake buttons. Everything else is fine with me. As Cheeto said, the Tag mode alone is tons of fun. I am definitely going to have to pick this one up!