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Dead Island Prequel Digital Comic |

Dead Island on Facebook just released a prequel to game available exclusively as a digital comic.

It’s published by Marvel and you can check it out here.

“The comic introduces journalist Roger Howard, who has traveled to Banoi to investigate the illegal exploitation of the island’s resources. During his investigations in the Royal Palms Resort hotel he discovers a terrible surprise that no one could ever expect…”

You can warm up your zombie killing instincts with some light reading as September 6th draws near. I’ve already secured my copy. Buy your own Dead Island right here!

  • Thanks for the link! Just checked it out and it does provide some backstory on the main characters. Wonder if they’ll do more?

  • I don’t think so, release is only a week away… however I wouldn’t discard some other thing, they’ve been investing a lot into advertising!

  • As should all publishers! If we don’t know about the games, we don’t know when to buy them!

  • They were faster than I expected: new Dead Island Facebook App “zombify” your profile hahaha