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Kevin Butler is Back! |

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the man, but Kevin Butler is back (from an apparent failure as a flooring salesman) and he’s bringing his A game, or many AAA games, you decide.

What do you guys think of the new “Long Live Play” slogan? I have always been a fan of “It Only Does Everything”, but I could get used to it. Specially if it means more KB!

  • Good video. Missing some more KB jazz here and there but it’s great to have him back for the holidays! Wonder what the christmas videos will be like?

  • definitely love it!, especially the part of “Long live owning a TV that cost more than your car” XD

  • KB adds are the best thing Sony has done in advertising in a long time. These adds are really funny and I really think they appeal to gamers. I’d like to hear what a Xbox fanboy would have to say about them though…

  • Jay

    You ARE the boss of me…

  • After the train wreck that was PS3 and PSP advertising…

  • Oly

    I like where he rips his shirt off.. then a vest rips his other shirt off and it buttons itself back up lol

  • EPIC !!!

  • Another funny ad by Sony. KB is the best

  • lol