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Kevin Butler is Back! |

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the man, but Kevin Butler is back (from an apparent failure as a flooring salesman) and he’s bringing his A game, or many AAA games, you decide.

What do you guys think of the new “Long Live Play” slogan? I have always been a fan of “It Only Does Everything”, but I could get used to it. Specially if it means more KB!


  1. Good video. Missing some more KB jazz here and there but it’s great to have him back for the holidays! Wonder what the christmas videos will be like?

  2. definitely love it!, especially the part of “Long live owning a TV that cost more than your car” XD

  3. KB adds are the best thing Sony has done in advertising in a long time. These adds are really funny and I really think they appeal to gamers. I’d like to hear what a Xbox fanboy would have to say about them though…

  4. You ARE the boss of me…

  5. After the train wreck that was PS3 and PSP advertising…

  6. I like where he rips his shirt off.. then a vest rips his other shirt off and it buttons itself back up lol

  7. EPIC !!!

  8. Another funny ad by Sony. KB is the best

  9. lol

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