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Releases for the Week (August 29th-September 4th) |


Half a week is from august and the other half is from september. How good will this week’s reviews be to celebrate this weird calendar of ours?


You can Buy Madden 2012 Right Here!.

Or you can go with the Madden 2012 Hall of Fame Edition!

You can Buy Bodycount Right Here!.

You can Buy Air Conflict: Secret Wars Here!.



PSOne Classics


PSP (No, really!)

I’ll be reviewing 4 Elements HD from this week’s releases. What will you get?

  • Oh wow a psp game? the MK:HD collection should be cool.

  • Bodycount demo was a disaster … I am not sure what they were thinking, but I’ll advice you to download the demo and check it out for your self … or not, for the sake of your bandwidth …

  • @Trieloth: Yes! Been a while, huh? PSP is almost dead but at least some games are finding their way to “retail” here and there. Why the quotation marks? You can only buy Cladun X2 on PSN as there’s no physical release!

  • MK HD collection is something I’ll get later, the rest is just not that interesting to me.

  • Eddie

    4 weeks of meh….

  • I’m kinda interested in cladun. besides its from nis gotta support =]

  • this week has absolutely nothing of interest to me :-\

  • @Eddie: Damn, why so picky? I’m not asking you to buy Madden but on PSN there are some interesting releases.

  • Oly

    I seem to agree with Eddie actually lol.. kinda glad tho.. i have too many games to get through…

    Also.. we need a new NEW image.. lol

  • I’m with Eddie: Unenthused about this week’s releases. But hey, I’m poor, so I shouldn’t complain that I can’t find any reasons to give Sony my money.

  • Guess Oly snuck in before me, so let me chime in and second the motion to replace the awful graphic. I doubt that it even reads as ironically cool to the casual visitor, particularly since hipster irony is typically underpinned by a certain cynicism that is markedly absent from ps3b. (Though I’m not, by any means, proposing that the prevailing attitude is undesirable.)

  • Ok, I’m open to suggestions! Anyone have a better image?

  • Eddie

    I love PSN…don’t get me wrong. There are several great titles on it. However in the last 4 weeks there has been nothing whatsoever.

  • I’d love to say that I’m a PSN enthusiast, but the truth is, I’ve only finished a couple games I’ve downloaded :/ Sure, maybe I haven’t really played the others… but anyway…

  • I’ve got 55 PSN games on my backlog right now hahaha. I help fill out developer’s and publisher’s pockets!

  • Ok, this week just got better: The Baconing will release today! Since the game was mentioned in only a couple of lines and it said “Demo Available” I figured it was just a demo and the game would release next week.

    Happy now Oly and Eddie sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g?

  • I guess this is no longer considered a “meh week” hahaha

  • Noooooooooope. Waiting to see Eddie and Oly just to say “told you so!”.

  • I acutally just won the MK Kollection! Not a bad port, but again these fighters with Lag are not doable. I wish that Sony had a Dedicated Server for it’s FIghters. Not sure how that’d work, but I wish it could be doen

  • I got my copy of Madden 12… It’s okay, nothing all that new or mind blowing. Seems like they are really pushing online play and tournaments.

    I need to investigate further but I think they are also pushing a new feature which encourages players to find virtual decks of cards for real life cash. With these virtual cards you get to create your ultimate team. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet… Money grubbing or fun stuff? Need more time to play 😛

  • not find virtual decks but *BUY