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House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut – Creeping Flesh |

The second and final extra level to be included on the House of the Dead: Overkill Wii to PS3 port has been revealed and it’s something to truly marvel at:

As was the case last time, Varla and her stripper friend Candy find themselves in an unlikely scenario where everything could (and probably WILL) go wrong. If you want to run away and hide from Zombies in a B-flick inspired universe… what better place is there than a slaughterhouse?

Hijinks ensue and the whole gang joins us for a fun, thrilling and wholesome ride down some blood covered hallways, freezers and intestine filled containers! You can buy your very own copy of House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Extended Cut right here so you can take home this Move and 3D compatible game!

More pics after the break.

  • I might have given up on getting a move sharpshooter bundle in order to get more games, so I may have to skip this… sad.

  • Why not just skip the sharpshooter but get a Move $99 bundle?

  • Because it’s cheaper to get a Resistance 3 sharpshooter bundle for $150 with everything ;]

  • O man I tottaly forgot this came out! TRhanks for reminding man! I mean OF COURSE i’m going to wait till it’s in the 5.00 bin, but I still want ot play it! Can’t wait to fight that Minotaur Zombie Thing.

  • I am considering getting a Move bundle just to mess around with this. Makes me think of the arcade near my house. It’s a Dairy Queen now actually lol

  • @Markus: And which bundle will you choose? Toys R’ US exclusive Playstation Move Heroes, Tiger Woods 12 or regular Sports Champions?

  • lol, I’d have to go with Tiger Woods. I played a Tiger Woods golf game to death on the Wii. Usually laying down though…

    AND… I gotta show a playa sum luv! lol 😛