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Kevin Butler is Back!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the man, but Kevin Butler is back (from an apparent failure as a flooring salesman) and he’s bringing his A game, or many AAA games, you decide.

What do you guys think of the new “Long Live Play” slogan? I have always been a fan of “It Only Does Everything”, but I could get used to it. Specially if it means more KB!



Releases for the Week (August 29th-September 4th)


Half a week is from august and the other half is from september. How good will this week’s reviews be to celebrate this weird calendar of ours?
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Gran Turismo 5 Version Update 1.11 Now Live

The newest update for Poly Digital’s racing sim is ready for download. For you Nascar fans v1.11 adds the Nascar Seasonal Event which rewards players with Jeff Gordon’s racing suit and helmet. The 62MB update also addresses bugs and glitches found in GT5, as well as adding new time and drift trials. On top of all that, numerous new cars have been added to GT5 too. Read the complete list or cars now available for purchase in GT5 after the jump.

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Reminder: Netflix Plan Changes

Netflix subscribers who have not made changes to their account before September 1st will see the billing prices change dramatically. Folks who paid 9.99 for one (1) at a time unlimited DVD and Streaming will see a 60% increase and now be billed 15.98. The reason for this is because Netflix has now split it’s Disk and Streaming services into two separate services. One of the things that many people find to be equally upsetting is that there is no discount for those who select both services.

If you plan to make any changes to your subscription, remember to so before 12:00am September 1st. Me and another household in my family are switching to a DVD/BR only plan due the much larger movie selection and far superior picture quality.

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