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Jurassic Park: The Game Looking Quite Promising |

A while back, Telltale Games got the rights to create games based off of both Back to the Future and Jurassic Park universes. With Back to the Future: The Game having been finished (and being reviewed by EdEN), the promised Jurassic Park game is set to release on November 15th.

Out of all the trailers released for this game up to this point, they didn’t show too much, but I did find the death sequences video funny. This one is a little more intense. When I was a kid, dinosaurs were awesome, and when Jurassic Park released in 1993, my mind exploded. I still have some of that child-like curiosity, and because of that, I want to play this and hope it’s good.

It may not be my dream dinosaur game (a reboot of Capcom’s Dino Crisis franchise would be killer), but I’m hoping Telltale Games does good with it. I enjoyed Back to the Future at least.

  • Wonder if it will be an “episodes” release or if they’ll go with a retail product this time around. Since it’s a retail product on the 360 I don’t know if that’s an “exclusive” or just the way they wanted to do it from the start.

  • I really have enjoyed all previews so far, I’m not sure if I’ll get it, but it certainly looks good.

  • @Pedro: You DID get the Back to the Future Season Pass, right?

  • Releasing in November? Such a busy month as it is. Hoepfully they’ll be a demo so I can decide whether the game is worth a buy.

  • @Eden, yes I did, I have downloaded episodes 1-4 already, when is 5 coming out?

  • @Pedro: It’s already out at the store! My review of Episode 5 will be up today.

  • @Eden lol! I was actually waiting for your review so I’d know the game was out. But I haven’t heard you talking about it so I figured it wasn’t out yet!

    Also, I don’t recall seeing it on your “what’s new” posts…

  • Episode 5 released the week BEFORE I started the New releases posts so that’s why. Review is almost done so look for it later today!

  • hmm, I’m not convinved. Some animations of dinosaurs immotating scenes from the film aren’t enough to make a good game.

  • @Dean147: Telltale has been getting better and better with each new series so I look forward to see the improvements they’ve made going from Back to the Future to Jurassic Park to Walking Dead.