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World Premiere COD: MW3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer [Updated] |

[Update] Activision released a second official multiplayer trailer this week.

Tango Down mulitiplayer Trailer

Here is the First official multiplayer footage from Activision …

Straight from LA’s COD XP, where our very own Oly will be soon, comes the debut trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. It was aired for crowds this morning and has since made its way to world wide web. Notice some of modes featured in the trailer: Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Ground War.

MW3 ships on Nov. 8th 2011 on all major consoles.


  1. MW3>BF3

  2. MW3 is old and busted. BF3 is the new hotness.

  3. Oly: MW3>BF3  

    You just had to post it front page and rub it in my face ha?

  4. LOL.. I had to do it..

  5. What a stinker. This series has become beyond stale. Update the damn game engine already

  6. @Jason: Not until the next round of consoles since reusing the same engine maximizes profits! Last CoD game I played was World at War on Wii. Very fun game, excellent controls (no Move support in a 2011 FPS release, huh? Yep, that makes sense) and I played that on MP for at least 50 hours.

  7. it is not possible to kill so many people hip-shooting like that =P.

  8. Cool more of the same!! /s

  9. oh okay here we go again

  10. Jay: MW3 is old and busted. BF3 is the new hotness.  

    What he said.

    @Cheeto looks like you’ve finally got the MW3 attention you wanted ;p

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