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Some Guy Reached The Current PlayStation Trophy Limit! |

UPDATE: Haters gonna hate. Some are calling Hakoom a liar, a hacker, a thief and Rosemary’s baby so he’s taken a bit of a break from trophy hunting to address this “non-issue”.

Earlier this week , I read on IGN a guy named Hakoom actually reached the current maximum level for PSN Trophies, which is level 50 (1%) !

From the above post, “He did so with a staggering 13,604 Trophies (259 Platinum, 1,016 Gold, 3,018 Silver and 9,311 Bronze).

WOW…. !

I just got my FIRST platinum last night at 1:32AM for Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time! This allowed me to reach Trophy Level 8. Level 50 seems so far.

While I was writing this post, EdEN pointed out to me that several people have already maxed out their trophy levels. I didn’t know about this, but it’s a VERY impressive statement!

So what do you think? Do those guys have too much free time on their hands?

  • Ajescent

    wow…his hands must hurt.

  • wow that’s a lot time put into playing the same game multiple times. I only have like 2 or 3 platinums

  • I have Mr. Perfect in Megaman 10. He doesn’t. I win.

  • That’s a great one Darklurker23! I’m at lvl 15 and yes, 50 seems far away. Sony will probably increase the limit now that Vita games will support them as well. Change it to 75 to have enough room folrom now until PS5! Since the amount of progress we get after going up a level actually goes down for each new trophy it would allow for 3-4 years of time before someone reaches 75.

  • Maybe it’s more than one person playing on the same account. Or he really doesn’t have much of a life outside of gaming lol… OR he is just that damn good at video games. Regardless, congrats! Quite an amazing feat.

  • “Some guy, whose handle is Hakoom…” Let’s at least do the guy the service of reporting his name, when he’s devoted untold weeks (months? years?) of game-time to this goal.

  • I hope that the trophies/achevs go over to PS4 and Xbox 3 or the whole thing is for nutin’ XD

  • I wonder what does he do for a living…

  • premiersoupir: “Some guy, whose handle is Hakoom…” Let’s at least do the guy the service of reporting his name, when he’s devoted untold weeks (months? years?) of game-time to this goal.  

    You’re absolutely true. I’ve updated the post with that info !

  • ZFM12

    Wow Didn’t know there was a lvl cap

  • Jeez, the guy must have a fear of going outside or something.

  • Do you get a trophy for maxing out your level? 😀

  • Doing the math it’s 52 trophies for every Plat, which seems about right to me for an average game (can someone confirm?)…

    I can’t even imagine how many hours he must spend playing in order to get so many trophies…

  • Took him 3 years of playing for seeeeeveral hours a day. Level cap will probably be increased next year since Vita has trophies as well and if you’re maxed out… what’s the point of getting more? The algorithm that calculates how much progress you get from each trophy on your level bar makes it so you need moooore and moooooooooooooooooooooore trophies to gain a level so going from lvl 1 to lvl 5 might be three platinumed games but then that jumps to 3 platinum games to gain two levels, then 3 platinum games for 1 level, then 6 platinum games for a level and so on. It’s not EXACTLY how the algorithm works (since you can substitute several gold PSN trophies for the same amount of “points” you get for a platinumed retail game AND the “3 platinum” example is just an easy way to show you what goes on behind the scenes.

  • he had played at least 250 games for all these trophies. I think its rare 1 or 2 persons could reach that limit, the rest would just reach 2x max.

  • Wow I just need 1 more trophy to get my 13th Plat, and well im lvl 13. THis guy must have had some free time. But yea. Sony should reward this guy with an actual trophy lol

  • Oly

    He’s a rich Prince in UAE.. he has time!

  • Oly

    err.. Bahrain a small Island located in the Arabian Gulf lol

  • @Oly is that serious? I can never tell irony on the web o_o

  • Lots of time indeed. I’m at lvl 15 with the following trophy breakdown:

    18 platinum
    116 Gold
    333 Silver
    1134 Bronze

    That’s just from 74 games (24 of which show up on my profile since I installed them but have yet to start them) so it really is a massive list of games he’s played. Several are of the easy trophy variety (Hanna Montana, UP -which I platinumed with my little sister-, Megamind, etc) but those STILL take time so don’t think that makes it less of an accomplishment.

  • while easy, they still took a few hours to complete so yeah

  • Ace

    Hey! He hacked my psn name!

  • @Ace: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  • jacobfett

    wow lol he has like 10 guys playing for him