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Releases for the Week (September 4th-11th) |

September is in full swing and we get a PACKED week that starts to prepare us for the holiday rush… and oh what a rush it will be!


You Can Buy Resistance 3 Right Here!

Or go with the Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition!

You can Buy the Uncharted Dual Pack Right Here!

You can Buy Driver San Francisco Right Here!

You Can Buy Dead Island Right Here!

You Can Buy Disgaea 4 Right Here!

Or go with the Disgaea 4 Premium Box Edition!



* Alpha Mission

* T.N.K. III

* Vanguard II

PSOne Classics

This is a JAPAN Import so it’s possible that manuals/in game text are in Japanese so do consider that!

I had pre-ordered Disgaea 4 at the NIS America Store so I already have my copy of the Premium Edition of the game along with a free soundtrack AND free shipping! What are YOU buying this glorious week?

  • Ahh, I hate this. I’m going to go poor these next few weeks (months). I’ll probably pick up Resistance right away and hope that that holds me off for a bit so I’m not starving from spending all my cash on games.

  • I want to try Disagea, Dead Island and maybe even Resistance. Maybe I’ll pick up Disagea 3 before 4…

  • @Markus: Hurry as Disgaea 3 is currently only $20 but it’s for a limited time! Here’s a link directly to the NIS America Store so maybe you can buy Disgaea 4 while you’re there or any of their great DS/PSP/PS3 games! Several animes (the one for Persona is veeeeeeeeery good) are also available if you want to spend your money wisely hehehe:

  • Oh Resistance 3… I own and really like the first 2 (even though Fall of Man is just Call of Duty 2 with aliens…) but after playing the beta for 3 (and the end of 2) I may be calling #3 a redbox rent. Capelli was kind of a dick in 2…why would I want to play as him…indeed why should I care about him at all? …Resistance wants to play like CoD with the controls of Killzone…and it feels… awkward…the controls are too weighty for the fast paced-ness of it all. Plus I’m getting Rage, BF3, Bats, and Skyrim (which I’ve had payed off for months)… Part of me has to have Resistance 3 to complete the trilogy and finish (?) the story…but part of me wants to play only truly amazing games and not spend $65 on a game that won’t quite make it to the top.

  • @BLOODYICECREAM: You should maybe use Move for Resistante 3 to use it as a fresh start? Playing FPSs on PS3 without Move feels wrong after 5 years of using pointer and motion controls on Wii. It’s the reason why I’ve skipped several FPS as I’ve yet to buy a Move unit (but will probably do so before the month is over).

  • I have been thinking about Move…it was fun with KZ3…
    I just found out from IGN that R3 (rated 9/10) has a puny 10 hour story. Definitely a one-day day-one rental…the multiplayer has never been that great for me… The 25-30 promised hours of story in BF3 is why that game will be above the rest (among other awesome things).

  • I can’t really think of many FPSs with a decent story or campaign length that are out now. Bioshock and Half-life are the only ones that come to mind.

    That said, if you don’t like R3’s multiplayer, I’d agree it’s probably not a good purchase. I loved R1 and R2. I tried the beta for R3 and hated it (same experience with Uncharted 3 beta actually), but after playing the actual multiplayer on retail, it just feels different than the beta.

  • @Isis: Well, Bioshock is more of a FPA (think Metroid Prime) than an FPS (think CoD and the like).

    @BLOODYICECREAM: Ah, I remember when I could rent a game for two days and actually have the time required to finish it during that period hehehe.

  • Just because Bioshock isn’t a war franchise (or a war-themed hat simulator…) doesn’t mean it’s not an FPS…like how even though Dead Space 2 isn’t psychologically terrifying or generally awesome it still gets put in the same genre as Silent Hill 2…
    I say screw the “FPS” genre being only multiplayer with an 8ish hour campaign added on. Rage and BF3 seem like they’ll break through the barrier of crappy FPSs…and I’m excited for them.

    @EdEN Yeah, free time is amazing!

  • @BLOODYICECREAM: It has nothing to do with the “war-theme”, it has more to do with the actions required in the game and the options available to the player. FPSs are usually self contained and you don’t go back to levels you’ve already beaten and you pick up weapons from around the map or from fallen enemies. Bioshock and Metroid Prime are FPA (First Person Adventures) because you’re constantly exploring, revisiting old ground, obtaining upgrades to your abilities and parameters, etc.

  • @EdEN OK I see what you’re saying. In that case, I really don’t like FPSs…CoD is fun for awhile…because it works so well (but the new ones are so bad..) and other shooters (KZ3, R3) seem to fall short of greatness and end up getting stale too quickly. All the shooters I can think of that I really truly love are RPGs or basically RPGs…
    Remember when Uncharted 2 came out? There were so many great games around that time (GoW3, ModNation, etc.) …what happened?

  • wow big week if only my glasses didnt break then find out im going to New Orleans in October i would have picked up Dead Island