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Releases for the Week (September 12th-18th) |

And then the light started to shine over the monolith under the gaze of the shooting start unicorn… and more and more releases started to pop out that should be added to your collection!


You Can Buy God of War Origins Collection Right Here!

You can buy NHL 12 Rigth Here!

You Can Buy White Knight Chronicles II Right Here!

You Can Buy Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again Right Here!


You Can Buy Bulletstorm Right Here!


PSOne Classics

God of War Origins Collection is a great option for GoW fans that don’t own a PSP since now they’ll get to experience two very fun games in HD and with trophy support! And who doens’t enjoy some penguin lovin here and there every other month? Renegade Ops from SEGA is a game that takes me back to Jackal on the NES which will allow it to take my money this tuesday. And then we’ve got Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, a fighting game from CAPCOM that is part of the Japan Import line of PSOne games that, thanks to the wonders of technology, can be enjoyed by PS3 users worldwide!

How much are you willing to spend this week?

  • Fortunately a week with no interesting games (for me). No reviews either it seems…

  • lol I remember renting Pong: The Next Level long ago, I recall it was fun.

  • We started with pong… we’re ending it with Pong. Full circle!

  • I wanted this GOW be sold on PSN and the other was.
    Apparently … will not be unfortunate

    all except combination to safe

  • I should pick up NHL 12. I surprised a law hasn’t been passed yet making it mandatory.

    I’m picking up White Knight Chronicles II. The reviews and buzz aren’t all that great but I tend to enjoy RPGs that the majority doesn’t *shrug*

  • minorly interested I am in GoW.. i actually own I, II, and III in their orignal formats.. don’t have a PSP might as well look into getting this PS3 version.

  • I only want God of War Origins Collection and White Knight Chronicles 2. Too bad I got no cash and I’m cheap so probably going to wait for a sale for these two. 🙂

  • Pai do mercado: I wanted this GOW be sold on PSN and the other was.
    Apparently … will not be unfortunateall except combination to safe  

    GOW Origins is being sold on PSN was released to day

  • white knight i know ill get at a later date. My friend and I will be playing that online once it gets cheaper

  • i already played through those 2 PSP GOW titles back when they first came out. Guess I will wait for them to drop lower.

  • @Kane112: Maybe he meant that each game was sold separetely? At least that’s the case for PS+ members.