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6 Comments Game Night Recap Sept. 12, 2011 |

Just wanted to get a little feedback. Do you like having a poll each time we have a game night and the top 2 games that the main host has will get played in the night? How about other game hosts setting up their own games? By the way being a game host is pretty simple. Just invite people to your party and play. It’s best to hang out in the dedicated “ Game Night” text chat on the XMB of the PS3. Makes it much easier than trying to send messages back and forth!

Cheeto decided to become a game host a couple hours before I started mine. But I updated the post with that about a hour or so before so didn’t give people much notice but was worth a shot. I hung out in the PlayStation Home Clubhouse about 10-15 minutes early. Foobear408 showed up in his golden money suit which drips money. Pretty cool I must say. Then Kane112 show up and we showed off our brand new Mechjet powers. Foobear just had to try out the golden throne, which matched his golden suit perfectly.

Foobear408, Uncydeka1 and myself played Killzone 3 for about 2 hours. Then we switched to Metal Gear Online for a hour or so. Kane112 & Uncydeka1 joined me for that. Kane112 did pretty well playing as Snake in the sneaking mission.

Ceidz joined in on the text chat and mentioned he just got Uncharted 2 and was playing single player and loved it. He told us later he tried multiplayer and he wasn’t very good at it.

So everyone gets 100 points for showing up to the game night. Uncydeka1 gets another 50 for being a diverse gamer.

  • think the poll idea was great lets everyone have a chance of playing the game they want to

  • Did you know deleting Metal Gear Solid 4 Gamedata also deletes the Multiplayer patches?

    I didn’t

    Guess who’s internet wasn’t up to the task of a major Download?

  • Sounds like it was fun. I think I need to pick up some of the more popular multiplayer games.

  • Sounds like you guys had fun! Sorry I couldn’t make it, hehe started a little earlier than I’d expected. Next time! Killzone had an update to it right? How’d that go?

  • If I knew you guys were going to play MGO I’d join!

  • Is that a golden suit dripping money? o_O … That is PIMP!