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Huge PS Move Sale at Gamestop |

Have you been waiting for a price drop to enter the Move universe? Then Gamestop has you covered! For a limited time, several PS Move games are only $9.99 and all Move Accessories (which DOES include the actual Move and Nav controllers) are 50%!

Follow the link to start saving!

So, will you bite and spend some Move money?

  • That’s a very nice sale. I’ve put my Move purchase on hold for now… I hope this waits until I’ve decided what I’m about to do…

  • Games are at $10 each! Just get two or three and call it a day.

  • should this be read as a sign of the move’s failure? I only know one person irl besides myself who owns the accessory. I enjoy my move, but it is something of a gimmick.

  • I have 2 move controller, but rarely use them. I really enjoyed motion gaming when it started with the EyeToy on the PS2. But I’m really waiting for a game that will take the Move to it’s limits. It has a LOT of potential, remember all those cool tech demos?

  • It is pretty tempting to pick one up, but I’m still just not sold on the games. I’ve never played a game I enjoyed more with motion controls than a basic controller. It might be interesting to play through Heavy Rain using the move though.

  • ah ive only i had some money would mind picking up another move controller and a nav. Oh well

  • nice! got me a second move controller with this! I was looking for games to play with this peripheral. Aside from shooters, there seems to be not much yet to use with it 🙁