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PS3BlogCast Episode 17 |

Hello and welcome back to the PS3BlogCast! Tune in this week and catch Tosh, FooBear, and I discuss all things PlayStation related! Not only that but we chose a few winners at random for the R&C code giveaway! Don’t forget that you can write in to us and ask a question, we love reading those on the podcast!

While this last week the Tokyo Game Show took place, it didn’t seem like that much news came out of it. Or at least not that much we cared to discuss, but we do talk about a few things Vita related, along with some other surprises from the likes of SE.


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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • TGS News
  • PS Vita Battery Life
  • FFX HD
  • Upcoming Games…there’s just so much!
  • Podcast Beyonds’ Resistance 3 only Podcast 9/22/11
  • Giveaways
  • great podcast as usual!

  • I still have to listen to last week’s podcast… this is going to my backlog ;p

    At least you guys are keeping it short…er ;p

  • ha! I didn’t comment on the A4O beta giveaway post because I already have the beta because I’m a Plus subscriber. As should everyone else be =P

    shush you Foo! =P

  • also Foo let me know when you have that giveaway ready for the Dead Island DLC, I’m picking it up in a few weeks and that weapon would be nice.