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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Release Date & Price |

InFamous 2: Festival of Blood was announced last month as a digitally downloadable stand-alone game for InFamous 2. (Check out Oly’s post for more information). Yesterday, Sony revealed the release date to be October 25th in the US and October 26th in the UK. Festival of Blood will add move support to InFamous 2 and will price at $14.99, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

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  • I wonder how much content we get? $15 is rather steep for DLC.
    Oh, just looked at Oly’s post again (which you link above), and according to that article, it’s a stand-alone game, not add-on content. Guess the $15 makes more sense. Better for me anyway, as I rented Infamous 2.

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  • still have to finish the main game itself

  • premiersoupir: ok, all you wannabe sorority girls: uggs are, like, sooooo 2005.:)   


  • What the UGG is going on here?

  • Cheeto: What the UGG is going on here?  

    its been corrected. ugg recanted

  • Oly

    LOL .. I’m actually excited for this!

  • Ditto! I like the campy feel of it all. I’m picturing more of a horror-comedy game.

  • im gonna pass on this. I feel like i got everything outta the game. no need for vampires for me

  • Oly: LOL .. Iā€™m actually excited for this!  

    Same here o_O This actually looks like a promising PSN release.

  • why do i keep thinking this is a PSP game… i’m so glad it’s not. I don’t have a PSP.

  • For once I agree with Jason. Not interested in this at all.

  • Yea dont forget that Infamous Anarchy Facebook game still gets you in-game shit. I’ve gotten a Reaper Skin, a Samurai Sword and I’m working on getting a CAVEMAN CLUB OMG!!!

  • wow 14.99 … while I enjoyed Infamous 2 not sure if I want to buy a what if stand alone game of it… might actually wait for it to go on sale or something.

  • Ive only played the one hour trail of infamous 2 but i really enjoyed it so its good to see that theres DLC

  • definitely gonna buy it somewhere down the line, probably on a sale or smth