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Dead Or Alive Is Back On PlayStation |

It’s been over a decade since Tecmo’s fast paced fighter graced a Sony home console. Dead or Alive is my second most favorite fighting game right after Tekken and as a fan of the genre DOA 4 was the only game that made me grab a 360 controller so I was pretty excited when Tecmo announced Dead or Alive 5 will be available on BOTH the PS3 and 360 in 2012.

Here’s a look at the pre-alpha version of Dead or Alive 5 revealed during last week’s Tokyo Game Show:

With Dead or Alive 5, Soul Calibur V, Street Fighter x Tekken, Virtua Fighter Final Showdown and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arriving next year, 2012 is going to continue where 2011 left off in terms of excellent fighting games.

  • This is great news!! I was wondering if M$ was gonna keep it exclusive even though the 360 got Tekken 6.

  • havent ever played any DOA games, cant wait to get my hand on it 😀

  • is that the guy from ninja gadien and i never really liked dead or alive i would really like to see is a rebot of the Bloody Roar series i remember being a little kid and going to the skating rink just to play this

  • nice a new dead or alive game. I’ll pick this game up eventually. Kasumi FTW

  • goulfreak: is that the guy from ninja gadien

    Yep. That’s Ryu. He’s been in every main DOA game. Can’t go wrong w/a Ryu + Elliot tag team.

  • Never played any Dead or Alive game… don’t know if I’d pick this up…

    I liked the interactive scenarios, I kept waiting for one of them to be launched against those moving beams lol

  • Ajescent

    Rental here we come!

  • yeah maybe a rent

  • oh no. I must have. I love the series