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Resident Evil 4 & Playstation Plus |

It is going to pay this Tuesday for plus members. Can you say free Resident evil games and 50% off Resident Evil 4! That is right, you will be getting Resident Evil directors cut, Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis absolutely free. You will also receive 50% off Resident Evil 4 HD which includes the original game and all bonus content from previous versions in glorious HD! People who buy day one will also receive Resident Evil avatars absolutely free. This should make any user who doesn’t have plus think twice.


  • o_O This is a killer deal! … Hmm I thought RE4 didn’t have a Plat? not that I’m interested but just curious, still for $9.99 its a must buy for any Resident Evil Fan.

  • Well I have all the RE’s, and this looks nice, but no trophies = No Rebuy!! Which is good for my wallet 😀 But seriously people if you haven’t played it, buy them all! So good games!

  • RE4 is great. Almost as good as RE2, but easier ;p

    I’m tempted to get this, but I’ve gotten so many games lately I’m honestly concerned about when I’ll be playing them.

  • WOW I will be buying these and just playing them like nonstop. I am tired of R3. I was pissed at that games MP. How much will RE4 actually cost?

  • tuesday afternoond cant come soon enough 😀

  • Just great now I have to put some money into my PSN wallet since I only have 25 cents left. Going to have to go through saving Ashley again … sigh.. at least I get to see Ada in HD. 🙂

  • i personally think this is the best resident evil but im not gonna buy it.. dont got the points in the wallet but if i did this would be a instant buy

  • ZFM12

    One Question-Trophies?

  • Interesting, very content with my subscription to PS+

  • nice cant wait to get my hands on all the REs tho i do still have all the game disks plus RE4 collectors edition

  • yes it has upscaled graphic and trophies

  • You people and trophies. I mean seriously,You trophy players probably have missed many great games like Heavenly sword just because it doesnt have a virtual trophy. Nothing worse then a trophy whore. it means absolutely nothing. Get the game and enjoy the game. Theres no trophy for jumping in place 200x sorry

  • @Jason
    Although trophies won’t prevent me from buying/not buying a game, I do think there are some nice aspects of them. Trophies that encourage you to play the game in a new way you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise are quite enjoyable. Just as a recent example–I probably never would have gone through Deus Ex a third time without trying to kill someone if it weren’t for the trophy (It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind), but it was an interesting challenge and completely different than how I normally play.