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Assassin’s Creed Revelations on PS3 Has a Great Bonus! |

Remember how Bioshock Infinite will include a free copy of Bioshock in the same Bluray? Well, now Assassin’s Creed Revelations is doing the same as it will include a free copy of the first Assassin’s Creed for no extra charge thanks to the extra space provided by Bluray! Will this make it easier for you to purchase Revelations? Free is free and free is great! Only the first print run for the game will include this bonus so be sure to pre-order here!

Wonder what other games will do this…

  • that is cool. never played the first game, but it received such mediocre reviews for the follow quests, lack of swimming, and so on. but I’d be curious to check it out!

  • First Assassin’s Creed is awesome. Personally I think it’s the best in terms of story. And its gameplay set the tone for AC2 that perfected the formula.

    I haven’t decided if I’ll get AC:R and in any case I already own AC (and played through a few times), but this is a cool incentive nonetheless.

  • @premiersoupir: No trophies on the first one so no real need to find all the flags. It was a fun game. Still have to start on AC II.

    @Pedro: You could get Revelations and sell your old copy of AC since you’ll get it for free on the new disc?

  • this is definitely a great trend!

  • #EdEN, my AC creed copy is for PC and as I said, I probably won’t get this day 1 anyway. It isn’t an incentive to me, as I already got the game ;p

  • im not to really sure if im even gonna pick up ac revalations but thats a good deal that there giving out

  • wolfkin

    manufactured obsolesce i hate it. This is a great idea but I don’t understand why it’s “first run” only. Blu Ray is Blu Ray right? It’s be one thing if the discs were more expensive or what not.

    All that aside it is a pretty good deal and it’s very hard to complain about it. I can do it because I’m a professional. Don’t try it yourself.

    I generally wait till games his that $20 price point that they should be before buying but unlike BioShock i Don’t have AC so I might give this one a chance.

  • wolfkin

    manufactured obsolesce -> manufactured digital obsolesce

  • @Wolfkin: Burning an extra couple of GB on a disc takes time and costs money… which is why they’ll remove the extra from a second print of the game should one be needed. They COULD maybe leave it as is and are just trying to get as many people to buy early as possible. Plus, having a whole other game included with Revelations is a way for the publisher to try and make buyers keep their copy for as long as possible.

  • Dunno about the extra time and money argument. True as far as it goes, but then you have to subtract the time and money necessary to prepare and re-vet a completely new pressing.