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Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS 2011 Exclusive PS3 Trailer |

Square-Enix has released two console exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailers, one for PS3 and one for 360. Both Trailers are packed with different story elements but share a common feature, outstanding visuals! Did you note that the lip-syncing is not going with the voice-over work? Well, Square-Enix revealed that the final products will feature full western lip-syncing support.

Here is the Xbox 360 Exclusive Trailer:

  • The only FF games I have ever finished are FF Tactics for PSX and GBA. I started FF II (if I’m not mistaken) for SNES but never finished.

    As usual they look absurdly amazing and there’s something hilarious about a realistic take on moggles and chocobos.

    The only thing that’s VERY weird about this post, is the author. I was sure this post would come with Sakinah’s signature ;p

  • I feel very curious about getting FF games, but I feel they are difficult to jump in at this point and I might feel completely clueless about the story and such.

  • The Last Final fantasy I played was back in the 90s … can’t remember the title, but it was hours staying up all night, ditching classes and Cheetos empty bags all over the place lol

  • The main character is Serah? For real? Thank goodness Vanille seems to be out of the picture, but I’m not sure how much less frustrating Serah will be. And Lightning doesn’t appear to be a PC — is that you all’s impression as well? She’s annoying in her own brusque fashion, but she has awesome moves and I love my Axis Blade!

    The game does look good. Dunno that it looks better than FF13, though. The new battle mechanics seem to primarily involve quicktime events, which I’m not sure is an advantage. But the original battle mechanic does need definite help. FF13 is largely a rinse ‘n’ repeat experience.

  • I’ve played them all from I till XIII including the PSP, GBA and DS variants in the Tactics off-shots, the “FF VII universe” extra games and even Revenant Wings on DS.

    Now, XIII-2? Getting it day 1. Still hoping for a proper CE for the game since XIII was a bare bones release.

  • lol, you’re so crazy @EdEn! what do you want from a collector’s edition besides the chance to spend twice as much money as you would otherwise? a poster? a plastic figurine?

  • I have come to the realization that I will never be moved again like I was with previous entry’s in the series. I shall save my money from here on out until a buff dude at the gamestop tells me he cried while playing this lol

  • Each game has a new story except for FFX/FFX-2 and FFXIII/FFXIII-2. If you’re a gamer you can easily pick up a FF game and get accustomed to the combat system. The games usually include full tutorials as well. It’s the long time fans that are usually hard to please.

  • Eddie

    I can personally say that FFXIII-2 is leagues ahead of FFXIII with the updates they have made to the game. I really didn’t care for FFXIII all that much but playing the demo at E3 of FFXIII-2, I really can’t wait for the game.

    @premiersoupir you can play as Lightning in some fashion. I know there is a mini-game or level where you ride on the back of her horse at the very least.