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It was a pain to initially set-up but it’s now live and working. It’s already been used for the Resistance 3 giveaway. It’s a very neat application I’m and excited for it to be used more in the future!

We can use it in several ways. One example is for getting videos live from you during gaming events, midnight launches, etc. Another possible use is submitting your game night videos! But mainly we will use it for entering giveaways. Here is how it works:

On post or pages you will see the logo displayed left here. Click it and log into YouTube. You will be asked to “Authorize Access to Your Account”.

The domain is what handles all the video submissions. So it’s ok to allow it.

Then you will have a choice to upload a new video or submit an existing video you already uploaded. Be sure to select todays date for the video and location with city and state. After you submit your video we will get a email saying there is a video to approve. If we approve your video it will automatically get added to the video playlist for that giveaway and posted on our YouTube Channel. Right now you won’t get a email when it’s approved. I may enable that later. So check back later to see if your video got added.

The video itself will have a link back to the post or page. Once we have at least 1 video added to the playlist I can embed it into the giveaway post. Then all future videos will be added as they come in.

I’m working on a way to manually add your YouTube Video lottery entries right into the lottery logs. But that’s still a work in progress.

Have ideas on what else we could use this for shout it out in the comments.

  • I’ll try this out when I make my video for the R3 giveaway ;]

  • Looking forward to that Pedro 😀

  • nice feature!

  • Yup, gonna give this a shot for the Resistance 3 video as well, thanks Tosh

  • Oly

    Tosh is the bestessst!!

  • I really think you should post all of those videos (or are you already planning to?). Could be a good chuckle.

  • real nice feature now your gonna start blowing up with videos haha

  • @Isli actually all lottery video entries will go into a master playlist on YouTube so you can browse threw them whenever. It will be embedded on every giveaway post from here on out.

  • @Tosh I submitted a video and it seems to have worked perfectly!