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Releases for the Week (September 19th-25th) |

The closer we get to the holiday season the more games that are released and this week shows us how there’s always a bit of calm before the storm:


You Can Buy Supremacy MMA Right Here!


You Can Buy Saints Row 2 Right Here!

You Can Buy Bolt Right Here!


You Can Buy Persona 2: Innocent Sin Right Here!


PSOne Classics

It was previously reported that both Chrono Trigger AND Final Fantasy VI would finally show up on PSN so everyone (with $9.99 to spend for each) could enjoy them… but it was a mistake by the Official PS Blog team. How many of you were ready to purchase both once the Store Update went live?

Buying anything this week or saving up for the last trimester?

  • p2 for me

  • Nothing really interesting for me personally. I’d try Burnout Crash, it looked fun enough.

    It’s a shame Chrono Trigger wasn’t released, I was really looking forward to it.

  • Cubixx HD Review should be up later today. Very fun game worth your $$$.

  • taking away chrono trigger for me ruined was really looking forward to that and FFVI. Oh well least we are still getting RE4 may have to pick that up

  • @Kane112: Are you a PS+ subscriber? That 50% discount is very tempting but no platinum on a $20 PSN game is just wrong.

  • @Eden I think today has F-1 2011 too

    Nothing 4 me this week on PSN, i got Altered beast on Plus

    I hope Jay makes a F-1 review

  • Glad to hear you’re on PS+! You’ll get your money’s worth thanks to all the RE games we’ll get for free soon.

  • You mean you guys don’t want to play BOLT!?

    I’ll be picking up RE4 myself. I really loved that game for gamecube, and I’d like to play through it again.

  • @Isli: Too bad there’s no move support since it would make the game a LOT better (as was the case with the Wii Edition AND the Move patch for RE5 Gold).

  • gonna get RW4 but thats it, the rest is not appealing to me

  • You know, I’ve never actually tried the move. I do find it interesting, but I guess since I don’t know what I’m missing out on, it won’t bother me too much for RE4. Who knows, maybe they will patch it in later.

  • @Isli: FPS and games like RE 4 with pointer support (as is the case on Wii) makes it a completely different game. More responsive and natural and fun to play. Don’t think CAPCOM will patch it later since it’s basically the PS2 code upscaled and it would be a huge pain on their side to actually do some extra work on it.

  • but sadly move doesnt have many games to play with as of right now 🙁

  • You know, I would get one if only they came out with a game that I really felt was made for it (and looked appealing). I’m just still not quite sold on using the move as a controller. It always feels like they add it in as an afterthought. I believe it’s a great piece of tech, but nobody wants to fully take advantage of it (or at least not enough people want to).

  • @isli the only reason if i bought the move would be for the game the fighter i think its what its called i feel like the move would be real fun playing it

  • Oly

    MMA looks like the worst cover ever lol..
    Might have to try the Saints Row 2 demo.. and BOLT FTW!

    CUBIXX HD is a very addicting and fun game.. Worth the $ for sure!

  • i’ve never played RE4 so i might give it a try

  • @Isli: Tumble is fun and Move Only. So is Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves. Other than that, FPS games are even better with it as playing for years with said setup on Wii has spoiled regular dual analog FPS games for me.

  • i’m sad that chrono and ff vi was actually an error. Still CUBIXX is very fun i’d recommend that

  • I swore that MMA Supremacy was all butch chicks? Did they decide to change it since they realized no one wants to buy that? XD
    And I”m hoping they decided to stop CT so they could rerelease it as a Trophy HD XD