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Call Of Duty Elite Beta |

While Xbox 360 users got their hands on the Beta about two months ago it is now our time now to experience the Elite-nesses of this beta.

Activision Stated that

“Beta testers can take their current Call of Duty multiplayer experience to the next level by jumping into the Beta version of the Call of Duty Elite service, as beta access will start to be activated in stages, with limited invitations rolling out effective today,” explains Activision’s press release

Most of the Beta features are free but if you’re a die hard Call of Duty fan Activision would be more than happy to sell you the premium subscription already for a full year… which goes for just $50. Premium members get exclusive Clan benefits and all of the MW3 DLC (such as Map Packs) as well as 20 pieces of new in game content.

The Beta has just started on Monday and is very limited but if you’re interested in joining the ranks of Call of Duty’s beta testers, you can sign up at
Good luck getting in!

  • After watching the latest battlefield 3 trailer on psn this game already looks outdated lol money hungry man $$$$$$

  • What Jason said.

  • goalfreak, was this your first post? congrats on popping your cherry mate! with that said, COD for a first post? TBH I thought Oly wrote this and I was gonna post some hateful comments lol JK Doc, you know we love ya!

  • if you insist on purchase a year subscription, it’d be best to buy the hardened edition. Funny I registered for the beta a while ago and got in the Xbox one though I dont have it, and I still have to wait for the PS3 beta.

  • haha thanks @cheeto and i only did this one cause i was doing the battlefield beta one but then it was already posted soo yea but thanks guys

  • Like always, any in-game item unlocks? I don’t care about COD, but I SUPPOSE I’ll test stuff for them. I bet they’d love a person testing the game who hates the series, they can do what I HATE about it and fix it to make it more enjoyable.

  • congrats on first post, @ghoulfreak ! 🙂

  • Thank you premiersoupir