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Socom 4 patch is Live |

The latest SOCOM 4 patch is now live. The team is saying 42MB, but it loads up at 42, and then when you go online… Be prepared for a 4 part download with parts as big as 320MB! It appears they are still working on the weapon knock to prevent rapid fire hacks, which is a good thing.

– Using the knife no longer silences footsteps
– Classic mode mic system has been changed from Tap-to-Talk to open chat
– Fixed Classic Bomb Squad double round win bug
– Reduced the accuracy of SMGs at long distance
– Grenade launchers no longer kill the user when fired at long distances or over a wall
– Reinstated weapon accuracy when quickly tapping fire button
– Several level collision issues have been adjusted

Party and Clan Systems
– Party leaders may now optionally allow party members to invite in other players
– Numerous Party system stability enhancements
– Numerous Clan system stability enhancements

– Player counts on map voting screens are now accurate
– Fixed round transition freezes
– Numerous UI element bugs have been fixed


  • Jason, I haven’t played any Socom title before ..

  • how long has it been since this game was released? It’s nice they’re still supporting it. I’ve yet to play the game though…

  • Dont feel bad. I just picked this up last week as it finally is affordable. It is so much fun online with the huge battles. Im really in love with the terrorist hunt type mode online.

  • patch is over 2 gig btw