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Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle Coming Soon |

Sony has just announced a new Uncharted 3 bundle which includes:

– A brand new PS3 slim 320 GB
– A copy of Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception
– One month of PlayStation Plus.

So, if you were already planning on buying one for your kid, or a new PS3 for yourself, this is your best deal to get a new PS3 with one of the year’s most anticipated titles.


  • I already have a 320 gb, but still how much would this bundle be?

    And also I don’t like how SONY makes their bundles now. I am sorry, but MS atleast shows some interest in making custom designed 360 bundles, like the Gears of War 3 bundle which has both a nice game, system art, and controller art.

    SONY throws out just the system with the game. I mean yea its a nice insentive with the game, but still like shows some love. I mean they did it with only GOD OF WAR 3, and I think it was GT5. IDk with that but yea. Make something nice for once. And then maybe I’ll sell my ps3 and buy a new bundle.

  • Jay

    I use my PS3 for playing games. The custom 360s have to be that way so you have something to look at when you get bored with its games.

  • @Jay
    I agree to an extent, but it would have been nice to see an Uncharted PS3 solely because Uncharted is arguably the most well known PS3 exclusive. I know most of Sony’s bundles don’t have special PS3s, but this would have been a really cool opportunity.

  • Ajescent

    Oh so lush, well deserving.

  • bought a similar bundle but with inFamous 2 instead. Its the same box, just a different paper layer outside the whole thing.

  • the ps3 just looks too plain. they should take a page from microsoft and put designs on the ps3

  • I like my ps3 slim and it’s flat black look. I don’t need it to stand out, I like it to blend in like a NINJA!

  • Well, I’m not buying a new PS3 anytime soon, but imo they should have released this bundle with some in-game incentives…

  • @Tosh
    Haha, my fat PS3 is too loud to be a ninja. It wants nice decorations because it can’t blend in.

  • They COULD have made the logo silver or gold or something or add a small UC logo somewhere… but a free $60 game is always great news.

    Does anyone else notice the vertical stand in the pic? Will that be included?

  • Yeah, I prefer not to advertise a product on my console. Shouldn’t someone pay me to do that? And I don’t think of my ps3 as even primarily a gaming system — that’s just one of the awesome things that it does for me besides stream media from my computers, provide easy netflix access, play video content from a thumb drive, and play blu-rays and dvds.

  • yeah I noticed that as well but they doesnt mention anything about it on the PS blog