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Bootleggers – PlayStation Home Free-To-Play Upcoming Multiplayer FPS |

An interesting article by indicates that PlayStation Home will be getting a (free to play) Multiplayer FPS game entitled Bootleggers. The game described as avatar versus avatar action, will be available in Home’s Action district, which is one of the PlayStation Home districts in the upcoming redesign (For more information on the PlayStation Home upcoming design you can check Jay’s Post). Also note that Matchmaking will be done through the matchmaking lobby in the desired district.

  • Oly

    Heard about this a few weeks ago, but was forbidden to speak about it lol,..
    Funny how news gets released from somewhere before the insiders are allowed to discuss it. There are a lot of cool new thing coming..

    Anyhow, this might get me in home some more..

  • certainly looks interesting hopefully it turns out well

  • I’ve been to Home once, or twice … It is a good place to meet people and socialize, if you are a 12 years old boy from Indonesia who is interested in watching virtual boobies! but all the jokes aside, PlayStation Home has some great features that Sony needs to improve. Ex. I visited Sony’s virtual booth in E3 2011 and had a chance to watch some exclusive gameplay footage. The new redesigned Home could be Sony’s biggest hit to date, or just another epic fail, its all up to Sony … “scary”

  • “biggest hit to date” seriously? I’ve been to Home once and that’s it. Nothing really exciting going on there, but I guess it should be nice for people who are more fond of social interactions…

  • lets see how long it can hold me this time =)

  • PLZ Trophies. This actually doesn’t look bad from the picture. I mean sure probably no story at all, but at least it’ll get some more people in Home. I really wish every single game put into home could transform into in-game promo items. That would get me inside alot more I’ll tell you that. I haven’t been in home since I got teh Dead Island promos