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Creat Studios’ Pinballistik Trailer |

Here’s a trailer for Creat Studios’ newest title, Pinballistik! No release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

“Test your mettle in the non-stop action of battle pinball or enjoy the classic action of a traditional pinball table in Pinballistik. Load up your revolver for a shoot-out in Circle the Wagons. Stop in at the saloon for a game of cards or some target practice in the classic table or take on your friend, head-to-head, on the Circle the Wagons battle table. We also have DLC tables for you! Blast into space with the Sector X battle or classic tables. If that’s not your style, try a taste of the good life on the Made of Money battle or classic tables.”

  • More pinball — good news! My wife lives pinball IRL as well as on the console. Gotta say, though: Creat is facing some stiff competition with Zen’s silky smooth 60fps @ 1080p “Zen Pinball” (and Marvell Pinball).

  • 4 this time it was done by another company.
    Because I think that Marvel should be add-on Zen Pinball.
    I hope this has trophies easier.

  • This looks cool. I had a pinball game on one of my first PCs that I played all the time! (and I really like playing it on a real pinball machine)

  • got one of those marvel pinball games for free

  • Wife and I both love pinball so the more games available the better! The Vs tables sewm interestong and I liked what I saw from the trailer as well. Should be out before the year is over.