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Dead Space 3 In Production? |

So the big rumor of today is that a Israeli news station “The Headlines” took a tour to EA’s redwood shore office (Visceral Games). As you can see there appears to be a Dead Space 3 poster. Might this be a hoax? Because to me the 3 looks to bright, and that just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the poster. Near the end when the guy is playing a game it’s obviously Dead Space 2 and it’s been a long time since we seen any dead Space 2. What is your opinion? Real or Fake?

  • I had seen this a couple days ago, I thinks it could be very well real.

    Dead Space 2 is an amazing game, best survival horror I’ve played in years. The game was very successful and both the franchise’s universe and story are very well built. I really don’t see a reason for Dead Space 3 not to be true!

    I hope it’s just as great as the other ones.

  • Probably true, but I wish it wasn’t. Necromorphs aren’t going to be scary after the first two games and Isaac’s badassery.

  • @ Isli: I wouldn’t have expected anything to be scarier than dead space 1. but then a dead girlfriend started assaulting my mind.

    I have full belief in EA’s ability to make me cry like a little girl in fear. I’m sure they’ll run out of content eventually, but there’s still at least one game left in this series. and then it’ll prob turn into a cashcow deal for them. BUT until then, pants wetting for all!

  • I guess what I’m worried about is a repeat of RE5. I’m hoping Dead Space doesn’t follow a similar path.

  • RE5 was more of a “fun” game than a “Good” game, if going along the lines of (good α terror). I had fun with RE5; I liked it even. but as far as Resident-Evilness was concerned it was terrible.

    I can’t see Dead space pulling out a co-op system out of nowhere. Or replacing necromorphs with spanish speaking equivalents (or moon-ese or w/e).

  • Spanish speaking necromorphs lol

    but honestly, RE4 is a great game, it might not be anywhere as scary as RE2, but still a very good game.

    I’m not worried about Dead Space 3, given the history of the game and the end of the second one, I think it should go out with a bang on its third installment. However, franchises should have some degree of integrity and stop after #3. And that goes for movies, books, tv series too ;p

  • wonder when they will officially announce this

  • hmm I cant wait Dead Space is an amazing franchise.