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Uncharted 3: AMC Theaters Promotion |

Do you want to play Uncharted 3 a week ahead of the scheduled release date? Would you like a chance to see what Uncharted 3 looks like on the big screen in 3D? How about participating in an Uncharted 3 Multiplayer tournament?
Well, if you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, New York City or Dallas … you are in luck!

Sony and AMC Theaters are running a promotion during (October 18, 19 and 20) in selected theaters at the cities we mentioned above. General admission will cost you $25, but if you go for the $60 Premium ticket, FedEx will ship you a copy of the game on October 25th!

Participating Theaters:
San Francisco: AMC Metreon 16
Los Angeles: AMC Century City 15
Washington D.C.: AMC Tyson’s Corner 16
New York City: AMC Lincoln Square 13
Dallas: AMC Northpark 15

Full details on Sony and AMC theaters: Uncharted 3 promotion can be found HERE.


  1. $60 for the game early is reason enough to buy the ticket! SOLD!

  2. Why does Chicago never get any of these fun events?

  3. actually.. shiping out on Oct 25,, three days.. only couple days early..

  4. There is a tournament, some fun activities, Playing the game in 3D on theater screen and according to the site there will be some PlayStation Giveaways!

  5. This actually sounds like a pretty sweet deal. If I had the opportunity I’d probably take part!

  6. Sounds likes it would be a fun event. Wish it was coming to area 🙁

  7. Tax free early game and big screen 3D playing? Sure’ why not?

  8. Phoenix is a huge city. Ranked like 5th or so. Why the heck don’t we ever get anything? lol

  9. if only I lived in those cities 🙁

  10. hmm i live in ny so i might be interested in going

  11. @mowmow: If yoy do go be syre to take lots of pucs so we can do a recap post on it since Oly is going to the one in LA.

  12. cant wait for the recap post 😀

  13. Ill be going to the one in SF.

    Foo do work on uncharted.

  14. ohh hopefully ill have money left over from new orleans to go to the la one

  15. Think Paul and I are going to LA.. Kane u can ride if so..

  16. aye sounds good ill need to try and hide $60. Sucks i get paid again that friday im sure ill find someway to get it

  17. just bought my bundle and an extra ticket.
    I’ll be there like shareware.

  18. Anyone want to meet up im in the nyc AMC just bought the uc3 bundle and extra ticket for my grl who i converted into a gamer lol . Oct. 18th wasd sold out so im in there on the 19th!!!!! ticket says 6:30 and you need to purchase them at fandango.

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