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40% off everything at Blockbuster Canada |

Sorry this story is a little late. I realize that this sale has been going on for more then 2 weeks but if you didn’t know… Blockbuster is closing all of its remaining 253 Canadian locations and they have decided to lower the price on all movies AND games by 40%. Yes that includes new games, so if you haven’t already gone, and you live in Canada, you should check out the selection of games they are offering and try to find a good deal. A friend of mine bought NHL 12 for $37 and I spotted Red Faction Armageddon for the same price.

  • WOW that is crazy. They are keeping there stores here in the US. And they decided to start online renting and they now have to option for renting a bluray dvd and a game only for $10 a month. I mean you can pick one or the other when ever. I rent a game then return it for bluray. Luckily there is a Blockbuster 10 minutes away from my house. But why close all in Canada?

  • bad for them but good for us

  • sucks for blockbuster. The one right by where i stay closed down a while back bloody annoying since they usually had a nice wee collection of ps3 games to rent

  • Damn, I need to check this out.

  • the reason i heard they are doing it is to make up for all the lost profit in because of the lack of rentals in the US.

  • @Markus definitely check it out, i jackass 3 on bluray for 8$!!!