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Journey Slated For A 2012 Debut |

Today, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen took a moment to update those closely following the studio’s third title for PSN with what they’ve been anxiously waiting for: a release date. According to Chen, Journey is currently schedule for a Spring 2012 release. Thanks to a recently successful closed beta, TGC plans to spend the next several months polishing Journey and addressing feedback they received. Via: PS Blog


  1. This was a bucket of cold water. I expected the game to release a lot sooner. A shame.

  2. played the beta, its cool, but not really something I’d buy on day one

  3. @dargon290513: Not even with a PS+ discount?

  4. I’m pretty excited about this game. The concept has me really intrigued. I was bummed when I read this.

  5. @eDEN: there is a discount? who knows maybe if there is enough positive reviews I may get it right away

  6. lol @dargon…from now on, that shall be your name.

    I played the beta and enjoyed it. Surprised it’s taking so long to release.

  7. (The best part of dargon is that he got all the numbers right, just not the word)

  8. Lets not go there … First we get no news of the Last Guardian at E3 and now this …

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