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Journey Slated For A 2012 Debut |

Today, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen took a moment to update those closely following the studio’s third title for PSN with what they’ve been anxiously waiting for: a release date. According to Chen, Journey is currently schedule for a Spring 2012 release. Thanks to a recently successful closed beta, TGC plans to spend the next several months polishing Journey and addressing feedback they received. Via: PS Blog

  • This was a bucket of cold water. I expected the game to release a lot sooner. A shame.

  • played the beta, its cool, but not really something I’d buy on day one

  • @dargon290513: Not even with a PS+ discount?

  • I’m pretty excited about this game. The concept has me really intrigued. I was bummed when I read this.

  • @eDEN: there is a discount? who knows maybe if there is enough positive reviews I may get it right away

  • Eddie

    lol @dargon…from now on, that shall be your name.

    I played the beta and enjoyed it. Surprised it’s taking so long to release.

  • (The best part of dargon is that he got all the numbers right, just not the word)

  • Lets not go there … First we get no news of the Last Guardian at E3 and now this …