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RAGE – Anarchy Edition Teaser |

Bathesda Softworks released an in-game teaser of all the goodies you will score, once you pre-order the upcoming shooter: RAGE. The pre-order will grant you an upgrade to the Anarchy Edition, which includes the following in-game items:

The Crimson Elite armor
A double-barrel shotgun
Rat Rod buggy
The Fists of Rage melee weapon

Interested? RAGE is scheduled for October 4th, 2011

  • That’s so cool! I wish I had it pre-ordered… oh wait I DID pre-order it! lol

  • Is the video for this not showing up for anybody else?

  • @Isli it’s working just fine here try the direct link.

  • You know I’ve heard on the internets, that the first run of the games COMES with this stuff. So basically there is no pre-order incentive AT ALL. Can anyone confirm this? I noticed the other day I was going to do the old Amazon pre-order code cancel trick, but it says it comes in box! Backing up my read theory! I do want to pick this up sometime though, but My backlog is just soooo huge.

  • the video works for me. Yeah to put in extra cash for 4 pieces of equipment basically you already bought a DLC.

  • double-barrel shotgun! my fave weapon when deathmatching in doom 2. and you better believe I spent countless hours killing my friends in that game.