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Winners for the Fighting Fantasy:Talisman of Death Giveaway! |

I got to review Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death, a very fun minis from Laughing Jackal that brings us the Gamebooks series in a digital package to enjoy in our PS3 or our PSP.

We had a total of 3 PSN codes to giveaway thanks to the kind overlords from Laughing Jackal, so 3 winners had to be picked (not 2, not 1, but 3. It’s how math is supposed to work!) to bring some closure to us all. As you already know, I like to do this the old fashioned way so I wrote down each entry on a piece of paper (a blue piece of paper in case anyone is wondering) and shuffled them around until I grabbed the lucky ones that will take home a digital slice of awesome with a side of lots of reading.

Congrats to Kane112, wolfkin and ajescent! Your codes have been PMed to you here on the site. Enjoy!

  • Did I participate in the giveaway? I wanted to play this game, but I don’t recall doing any lottery entries for it…

    Anyway, congrats guys.

  • Nope, you didn’t participate and I DID tell you how awesome it was on my review hehehe.

    Keep your points handy as we’ve got a lot more content up for grabs for all of october!

  • congrats guys!

  • Oly


  • wolfkin

    thanks for the code dudes.

  • Congrats to all winners !

  • ye i won something

  • I still say Talisman of Death sounds like an Expansion for a D&D game 😀 Still have fun with it , and be lucky it has no trophies or my mighty Luck-Filled Being would’ve entered and totally won it 😀

  • Grats!

  • congratulations to the winners!