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Sideway: New York Coming to PSN |

Sideway: New York, is an upcoming PSN exclusive 2D platformer from the Canadian development studio Playbrains. In Sideway, you take on the role of Nox, a graffiti artist who gets sucked into his own artwork on the side of a building. The story is rather simple; Nox will be chasing an evil graffiti artist named Fume, making his way through different platforming challenges as an actual piece of spray paint art. The game offers 2D platforming in a 3D world, demonstrating a unique experience that I am personally very excited about. Just check the following gameplay trailer …

The official PlayStation Blog managed to get an interview with Playbrains director, Scott Simpson, in which he discussed the influence behind Sideway; the game, coop, and much more …

Our creative director Mike Burns was on a trip to NY one time and was just taken by all the graffiti and looking at it as art and not vandalism. The idea started in his head about living inside the graffiti world

Sideway: New York will be available on PSN October 11th for $9.99, so make sure you pick that up!

  • Jay

    This is an awesome concept for a game. This is why I love the PSN and all the cool/awesome exclusive indie titles it has.

  • Been following this for a while. Glad it was pushed back from Oct. 4th–otherwise I would have forgotten about it.

    I’m really curious to see how this turns out. I really like the art style and concept, but I’m getting a little bored of indie platformers. I *think* this one could be good though.

  • We’re set for a review on this unique game. Totally.

  • dragon290513

    i like the art style already!

  • I’m with @Isli on this one, all those 2D indie platformers are boring me a little. But this one actually looks very different from most, the concept is unique indeed.

  • a new york based game made by canadians.

    makes sense.

  • i’d like to backpeddle.

    a game made by canadians that rips off any esurance commercial you’ve ever seen. ever.