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Battlefield 3: Battlelog Features |

The folks at DICE are so excited about their free social tracking stats service, The Battlelog that they’ve actually made a trailer to explain some of the features players will benefit by using it .

The trailer reveals the availability of a mobile version for the Battlelog in addition to Facebook-like features (literally) as your news feed will follow all of your recent matches, as well as your friends, and you can “Hooah” (Like) each status! The Battlelog offers a great social experience, so if you are currently playing the Battlefield 3 Beta, I encourage you to sign up for the Battlelog and check this great service for yourself.

Battlefield 3 will be available October 25th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Pre-order now to upgrade to the Limited edition and get the “Back to Karkand” expansion Pack for free.

  • Funny seeming as we can use this already 😛

  • I tried it out last week, it works fine, with some cool features.

  • Smart launch by EA for the Betas to run simultaneously

  • dragon290513

    pre-ordered this on pc

  • dragon290513: pre-ordered this on pc  

    try beta with the 128 servers is stupid fun. will make you look at console version like “ugg this sux” lol

  • dragon290513

    heard about that, some even said there was a 256 max server @[email protected] but the moment i get back in only metro 32 remains 🙁 (and they no longer have caspian either)

  • can’t make my battlelog work :/ it says “Your account is not allowed to login” when i try signing in anyone knows why?

  • I like the beta on the PC a lot. Console-eh not so much. Who knows though, console version might surprise me. I do enjoy playing on a couch much more than a computer chair.