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New “Only On PSN” Program Brings PS2 Classics To The PS Store |

Have a new PS3 that doesn’t have backwards compatibility? Then this announcement by Sony Computer Entertainment should make you happy.

Sony has revealed a new campaign called “Only on PSN” in which some of the classic PS2 titles will be re-released exclusively over the PlayStation Store during the month of October.

Starting October 4th the first wave of PS2 titles to be launched under the program will include God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red, with more titles to release every week.Each of these titles will be priced at $9.99. PlayStation Plus members will receive 20% off all purchases in Only On PSN, while users who spends $60 on any PSN content this month will receive $10 credit in November.

As of now “Only on PlayStation Network” is only for North America, however Sony plans to introduce “numerous exciting offers” for PSN users throughout Europe in the “lead-up to Christmas”.

Via: Gamasutra

  • This is the the kind of offer I was waiting for, will be signing for PS Plus later this week.

  • If they put up Onimusha and Jak and Daxter, I’m sold.

  • Yet again Sony forsakes non US citizens. It’s not something I’d be thrilled to jump into anyway. I don’t know the games, I’m not willing to spend $60 on downloadable titles and the last thing I need are more old games on my backlog.

    I always have the feeling Sony does many things people are not in the slightest interested in.

  • I’d rather they just BRING BACK THE F’ING BC!!

  • @Pedro: Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere are 2D, hand drawn games that are worth whatever they ask for them . They had a very limited print run so this is great news for all of us. HOPE games are properly handled since getting a PS2 game to display on an HD TV and not look awful is a very risky scenario. No trophy support either, of course.

  • $9.99 is a little to pricey for old PS2 games, lucky I still have mine 2 of them in fact the slim and the original.

  • @EdEN, from what I understood there’s no special treatment, just a port. So it’s probably not going to look that good.

  • @Pedro: Also, don’t you have a US account? It’s not like Sony is locking the content to those with a US IP (unlike their video store).

    At $8 (thanks to the PS+ discount) and IF the ports have been done RIGHT, I’ll get all 5 since at $40 that’s over 200 hours of content spread out on different genres.

  • Wow ! They finally made a PS2 software emulator working on the ps3 hardware ? It’s a GREAT NEWS ! (I still wish for SquareEnix to do a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection though πŸ˜€ )

    Comment apart, I played Odin Sphere, and I recommand this game to every gamer, it’s brilliant, beautifully drawn and with an excellent storyline.

  • EdEN:HOPE games are properly handled since getting a PS2 game to display on an HD TV and not look awful is a very risky scenario. No trophy support either, of course

    Yeah, Sony confirmed that these won’t have trophy support and they will be in their original form. Nothing remastered.

  • @Sakinah: Thanks for the info. Mmm, at $10 we really couldn’t expect an HD remaster. Hope the emulator they’re using at least upscales properly. I’ll wait for a review before buying each.

  • You think they’ll actually do reviews of these? I’ve played Odin Sphere on a BC PS3 and it still looks fine. I don’t think there is too much to worry about. They aren’t going to be gorgeous, but they are definitely worth 10 bucks.

  • @EdEN, I do have an alternative US account, but honestly going back and forth gets a little annoying over time, honestly I believe this shouldn’t be necessary and I really hope one day they’ll do something about it.

    I also think it’s within my rights to complain about the lacking service Sony “provides” paying customers of other countries, specially less favored ones.

  • There are also services provided to European countries that the US doesn’t receive, such as the TV/DVR skybox thingy (can’t remember the exact name).

    It might be annoying, but at least you still do have access, though in a roundabout way.

  • dragon290513

    looking forward to try my hand on “God Hand”

  • Yes finally!! I’ve been waiting for ps2 games on ps3 for so long, ever since my old ps3 YLOD’ed and i had to get a slim. I’ll be even more excited though when they release games i’ve heard of πŸ˜›

  • NVM rumour that there might be a jak and daxter HD collection!!

  • Jak and Daxter HD COLLECTION IS WHAT ID BUY sry for caps!!!

  • nice great idea tho dont think ive heard of any of those games

  • @Pedro: I’ve got 4 accounts and just jump back and forth to download things but play on my main so I’m used to it hehehe. Just get 3 $20 PSN Cards to cover the $60 to spend on the PSN Store on october, buy all 5 PS2 releases and $10 worth of something else, get $10 back in November and you’re set! Or maybe you could get a PS+ sub considering all the content we’ll get this month? Wonder if you can still make it to download the RE games (US Account required)…

  • Also, a little clarification. All “Only on PSN” PROPER PSN releases ARE set at 20% for us PS+ subscribers… but the 5 PS2 games are NOT considered in said 20% discount package as they’re not original games on PSN. Hope Sony fixes this as $50 vs $40 would mean God Hand would not be purchased by me.

  • dragon290513

    thats a bummer πŸ™ and those sales are available in 1st week only oh well