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PlayStation Plus Subscribers: here’s your October content! |

September was great for all PS+ subscribers and now Sony is raising the bar on content for October! They REALLY want new people to subscribe to the service AND keep those of us that already gave them our money (have you renewed for Year Two?). Full list of content after the break.

PlayStation Plus content list for October 2011

Free PSN Games and DLC:

Costume Quest – 10/4 (2 weeks)
Elemental Monster – 10/4 (2 weeks)
Dungeon Defenders DLC – 10/25 The pack contains: 4 familiars (Cog,Drakon, Naimi, Cowboy Monkey)

Free Minis:

1000 Tiny Claws – 10/4
Speedball 2 – 10/4
Street Smarts – 10/4

Free PS one Classics:

Warhawk – 10/4

Full Game Trials:

Resident Evil 5 – 10/4
Shift 2 Unleashed – 10/4
Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway – 10/18
Dead Space Digital – 10/18
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One – 10/18
Homefront – 10/25
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe – 10/25
MX vs. ATV – 10/25

Exclusive Discounts:

Eufloria – 20% off – 10/4 (1 week only)
Explodemon – 30% off – 10/4
Tales From Space: About a Blob – 40% off – 10/4
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – 25% off – 10/4
Elemental Monster Online Card Game Booster Box DLC – 50% off – 10/4
Sideway: New York – 20% off – 10/11 (1 week only)
Metal Slug 2 – 20% off – 10/11
Metal Slug 2 (PSP) – 20% off – 10/11
The King of Fighters ’96 – 20% off – 10/11
The King of Fighters ’96 (PSP) – 20% off – 10/11
Sodium Collection (PlayStation Home Game) – 20% of – 10/13 (1 week only)
Okabu – 20% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Rocketbirds – 20% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Valkyria Chronicles II PSP Bundle Pack – 40% off – 10/18
Under Siege – 70% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood – 20% off – 10/25 (1 week only)
PixelJunk: SideScroller – 20% off – 10/25 (1 week only)
Ikari Warriors lii: the Rescue – 20% Off – 10/25
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 – 20% Off – 10/25
Safari Rally – 20% Off – 10/25
MX vs. ATV Game + DLC Bundle – %20 Off – 10/25
4 Elements HD– 50% off – 10/25 (2 weeks)
Mercury Hg – 50% off – 10/25 (2 weeks)
Mystery Title – 30% off – 10/25 (Hint from Sega: It’s a Sega title which is about to announced. Go to for more information. Good luck!)

Paramount Sale

Top Gun – 70% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Star Trek DAC – 40% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Days of Thunder – 40% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Bundle of all 3 Paramount Titles + DLC – 50% off – 10/18 (1 week only)

Free Themes:

Bane of Yoto Dynamic Theme – 10/11
Dragon Dynamic Theme (PS Plus Exclusive) – 10/11
Lost Planet 2 Avatar Bundle (2O Avatars)- PlayStation Plus Exclusive – 10/4

Free Avatars

Free Exclusive PS+ Halloween Themed Avatars – 10/11
Resident Evil Code Veronica 5 Avatar Bundle – 10/11


Qore Episode 41 – October Early Access

Is this enough to convince doubters (and possibly haters… yeah, definitely haters as well) to subscribe to PS+? What discounted content will you get over this period? Don’t forget that if you subscribe to a full year of PS+ (or even for three months) the $50 (or whatever they’re charging for the three months) you spend counts towards the $60 Sony has “will you kindly” told us to spend to get $10 worth of PSN Store Credit in November for free!

I’ll be buying Explodemon, Star Trek: D-A-C, Under Siege (70% which makes it a $5.99 game with a Platinum? SOLD!), Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (played it soooooooo much at Arcades back in the day), Valkyria Chronicles II DLC (unless it’s a Bundle of the game, which I already own, and the DLC) and probably some booster packs for the free Elemental Monsters PSN release along with some of the Only on PSN content (all five PS2 ports if done right and we’re working on getting all the exclusive PSN games for us to review for you guys as well.

  • Yes pixeljunk is discounted! Thats a must buy for me( I have almost all the pixeljunk games), but i was gonna wait for a ps+ deal, and here it is

  • dragon290513

    seems a bit underwhelming compared to last month but still, who am i to complain :))

  • Ajescent

    Nice haul, hope EU is just as good.

  • @dragon290513: Last month was RE month and october is diversity month. All the discounted content makes up for a smaller “free game” selection. The list is also missing the next “SEGA Genesis game with trophies” release so we’ll hear about that one soon.

  • Cool stuff for October!

  • I’m either very cheap or very hard to convince… maybe both.

    But the thing is, I’m still not convinced getting a PS+ subscription is worth it, I don’t think I buy that many downloadable titles.

  • @Pedro: It also depends if you like the games that been available for free. There have been a some really good games available for free with PS+, so it’s not just dependent on what you buy.

  • For those who are interested, we reviewed “Costume Quest” and its one DLC package here on the blog:

  • It’s funny because ELemental Monsters is like .99 cents XD Great deal PS Plus 😀 Unless they included some boosters or something.

  • I’m going to give Costume Quest a go soon. Looks like good fun 🙂

  • @Darklurkr23: It IS $0.99… and that’s just great since a buck opens up the way for you to get a LOT of trophies (which I loooove) before having to spend more $$$ into the game. Had it been free from the start (like Free Realms and the new DCU Online model) there would be no trophies from the start. There’s even a platinum in it and you would have to spend $12.50 (ALL DLC) +$19.99 (for 100 online play tokens) AT LEAST for it so a theoretical $32.49 for a Plat ain’t that bad. I’ll try the game today-tomorrow and see if I should spend money on the DLC (as all it does is open up more cards faster).

    @Markus: Costume Quest is very fun. Getting it for free is great and you should get the Grubbins on Ice DLC if you like the main game.

    @premiersoupir: That review sold me on the game and the DLC since I got both at 50% hehehe.

  • elemental monsters is a great game . Very good haul for plus members this month

  • ZFM12

    Very Great Week for PS+ Members

  • Hey I get any trophies for just downloading the free part w/o paying? You know always love adding to the %

  • @Darklurkr23 Yes you get trophies for playing the free trial

  • does anyone think that about a blob is worth a buy? I played the demo and I really enjoyed it

  • dragon290513

    i thought you unlocked the trophies but only actually get them when you buy the game?

  • @Eden Yea, I’m enjoying it. Good ole fashioned turn based action!

  • @kennygk: Yeah, it’s worth a purchase if you liked the demo. It’s a pretty fun game-a little short (obviously-it’s downloadable), but I found it quite relaxing.

  • 4 Elements HD on sale… YES! Didn’t think it would get reduced that quick.

    Also, finally joined PS+ last month… never saw anything that was interesting to pull me into a subscription, but last month and this months content has been great and I’m happy with it so far.

  • dragon290513: i thought you unlocked the trophies but only actually get them when you buy the game?  

    Yes actually your right, I always just assumed that because the trophies pop up when your playing they are automatically added to your trophy list, but you have to play the full game to unlock any trophies you get in the trail

  • @Isli okay thanks i’ll think about buying it

  • Wait, was there a change to that? Last time I checked all progress you made you got to keep should you buy the game from PSN (think it doesn’t work for retail purchases but I could be wrong) and it is THEN when trophies unlock.

  • dragon290513

    yeah there is 2 stage of unlock, when you got it in trial mode, you can see it in your trophy collection but not on your friend tab. Once you actually bought it then it will show there, and the PS website. Though I can be wrong since last time i did that was when the tomb raider game came out digitally a while ago.

  • oh great month for plus members

  • What happened to pixel junk side scroller? Is it only under the “only on PSN” category or has it been taken off cause I could not find it last night.

  • @kennygk: Sidescroller is part of the “Only on PSN” line and will be released on october 25.

  • Hmm strange, i’m almost 100% positive i saw it with the price listed 25% off and available to buy.