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Conclusion To Sony’s Long Live Play Trailer Revealed- Mystery Solved |

Sony has released the second half of the Long Live Play trailer that caused a stir a few weeks ago. The mystery trailer had everyone quessing but few reconized it for what it actualy was; a clever new PlayStation 3 ad.

If you were anticipating anything else, prepare to be disappointed. As far as PS3 advertisement goes, this ad is the best I’ve seen in a while.

  • Sensational advertising, I love the campaigns of the SCE.
    This was really well done, like the previous one with the return of Kevin.
    A great selection of classic characters

  • Brilliant ad…and THAT SACKBOY-so cute.

  • Great add. In the end I MIGHT have changed it so it wasn’t a pic of someone holding a Dualshock but maybe a pic of their avatar. That’s just me.

  • Awesome as shit. The 1st half I was like what is this? But this is such a great commercial. We the gamerz jump in and give the heros of our games the extra kick in themetaphoic nuts to move their butts!

  • So I was right woohoo

  • Oly

    Great add.. Should have had it to KB tho not Michael.. 😎

  • Really cool add! But honestly, I bet everyone is a bit disappointed ;p

    But I got to admit it, Sony really knows hoe to create hype.

  • @Pedro: You know, I thought I would be disappointed it wasn’t some awesome announcement, but I really didn’t mind because of how it was handled. I also haven’t completely written off this being the start of a new ad campaign for something big. After all, Sony did create their own hype just for a commercial-which is odd.

  • I am disappoint.

  • Jay

    I was actually kind of expecting an ad or something. With that said, is this really considered an ad, in the sense of television, where most are, at most, a minute long? I think it’s more just like a promo video than an ad in that sense.

  • dragon290513

    ehhhhh, its weird

  • A long, long time ago, I wrote a crappy post about the Six Weirdest PlayStation ads. This is No. 7.

    But it’s not weird in a bad way, like most of the ones on that post were. No, this is weird in a FREAKING AWESOME WAY

  • i was hoping for them to introduce something new and awesome but they didnt. Still this was such an awesome ad with all of these iconic characters

  • actually pretty good, but instead of 2 random soldiers for Resistance, they should have had Hale and Capelli. Kinda stupid not to.

  • I actually liked the random soldier more. Let’s be honest, neither Hale nor Capelli bring much to the table.

  • dragon290513

    i only played the resistance game on psp so no clue about that =)

  • wolfkin

    good stuff

  • Well that teaser before was misleading … here I was thinking it was some new game but anyways nice seeing the game characters in live action.