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Meet the Heroes of Okabu

Okabu is part of the Only on PSN range of games we’ve already talked about AND a great opportunity for PS+ members to make the most of their subscription during october thanks to the 20% discount offered on said games for a limited time.

After the break you’ll find a new trailer for the game which introduces the four heroes you can play with in Okabu (Captain Monkfish, Picolo, Roki and Kat) each one with a different set of abilities to complement each other in this wonderful adventure.

Okabu is set to release on October 18th and we’ll try to have a review available a bit after that.


  1. WOW looks like it would be a lot of fun playing this on shrooms.

  2. does not endorse nor approve the use of “recreational” drugs. Abuse of said drugs could lead you to become a chiropractor.

  3. < Jay > No wonder Mr. Nintendo likes this game, it looks like a Wii title! < / Jay >

    @EdEN lol, but I actually agree with Oly… could be fun, but seem a bit quirky.

  4. hahahaha I never said I used them.

  5. @Pedro: Hahaha. Either Jay or Eddie could make that comment.

  6. wolfkin

    lol totally hilarious on shroom. I could see that. I need some druggies in my life to watch play this.

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