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Red Bull X2010s Gifted to Everyone in GT5 |

Due to Sebastian Vettel winning the 2011 F1 World Championship, the Red Bull X2010 (arguably the fastest car in the game) has been gifted to all players of GT5. It is only available for a limited time, however, so if you haven’t had the means to get it yet, here’s your chance!

There is also a chance to win 5 million credits with a new seasonal event featuring the car, and the track (Suzuka circuit), so be sure to check that out, too!


  • Not too shabby! I’ll actually get that, as I don’t own any F1 cars in it.

    Vettel did a great job, winning the championship 4 races before the last of the season.

  • Do you have to get it in game or can I go to the PSN Store and get it for free?

  • Jay

    @EdEN: you get it in-game. Once you start it up, you can find it under the “Community” section. Go to your “Gifts” and claim the gift. After that, go back to GT Life and go to the truck trailer (forgot what they called it) and use the prize car ticket.

    without touching anything, the top speed of that thing is 286MPH (460km/h), but I don’t think you can squeeze much more than that. No performance upgrades besides tires, but this thing eats corners anyway. I hate it because of that haha. Soooo much over-steer.

  • OMG its like playing GT5 while pumped up on adrenaline, i played on the straight tokyo city course and I was whizzing through it so fast I could barely tell what was going on lol

  • dragon290513

    just in time to take interest away form Forza eh?