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Releases for the Week (October 10th-16th) |

After all the releases from the last two weeks we all knew we’d eventually get to a point where the PSN Store could not keep up with the pace and we’d have to make due with just a couple of new games up for grabs on the digital side of the equation.

At least things are looking healthy on the retail side with three new releases and a Game of the Year Edition for the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption. That will give all those holdouts a LOT of content for only $49.99! 70+ hours of content AND 90+ trophies for a low, low price will surely convince you to finally dive into the game.

Full list of releases for this week after the break. What will get a chance to help you part with your hard earned cash this time around? Also, see how the term “PSOne Classic” can be twisted into any shape and size!


You Can Buy Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Right Here!

You Can Buy Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Right Here!

You Can Buy Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Right Here!



  • Kinda of a slow week, other than ace combat I see nothing here i really need…..maybe metal slug 2…….that game was awesome!!!!

  • Jay

    I need Ace Combat 🙁

  • Rune Factory is for Harvest Moon fans that want more RPG to go along with their crops managing and item crafting. Off The Record SHOULD have been DLC (at $20 at most) and not a full retail product but that’s how CAPCOM does things.

    I’ll be reviewing Sideway: New York so I’ll let you know how that goes.

  • Red Dead Redemption GOTY is a must buy for anyone who does not own the game yet.

  • dragon290513

    finally a GOTY edition for RDR!

  • Ya, might have to wait to pick up Ace Combat used… Uncharted 3 & Battlefield 3 (maybe) are calling my name.


  • Hmm, already got RDR recently … shame, Ace Combat’s demo was surprisingly good, but giving the nature of the upcoming weeks my money goes to Uncharted, Battlefield and Skyrim, in no particular order lol Oh, and Sideway is a must buy, unless we got a giveaway, in which case I’ll hold my horses!

  • I’ll grab Sideway if there is a PS+ discount. I’ll hold off for now though-gotta beat some other games first.

  • @Isli: Then you ‘re buying Sideway! Remember, it’s part of the Only on PSN promo so you’ll get a 20% discount.

  • Na serious note though, I am very glad about the Red Dead Combo pack. Does it come with all the DLC too?

  • dragon290513

    it should be, as a GOTY edition usually go with

  • @Darklurkr23: Yes, all free and paid DLC will be included with the GOTY edition of Red Dead Redemption. No idea if it will be included on disc (which SHOULD be the case on PS3 thanks to all the extra space from Bluray) OR if we’ll get vouchers to get the DLC from PSN.

  • Oly

    Darklurkr23: Na serious note though, I am very glad about the Red Dead Combo pack.Does it come with all the DLC too?  

    It even includes the Zombie stand alone game..