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Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories #2 |

Warning: The following footage is from a video game. Battling fury mascots to death in a deranged Japanese game-show should not be attempted in the real world.

“Ah, Steelport, the ultimate escape. Home to sinners, and now, to the Saints. As the Third Street Saints wrestle control of this seedy metropolis from the Syndicate in Saints Row: The Third, we look back on our fondest moments here, from eliminating a gang of ornery, stun gun-toting senior citizens, to skydiving naked into a Syndicate pool party. Sweet, sweet memories.

In our second Cherished Memory from Steelport, we look back on our first episode of Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax, Steelport’s favorite game show. Time sure does fly when you’re shooting pandas. Enjoy!”

  • dragon290513

    umm…mortal kombat?

  • Seriously, this game is way weird.

  • That was even weirder than the last one! It really IS doing its best effort to convince me for a purchase!