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Dungeon Defenders Developer Diaries |

Trendy Entertainment has released the fourth developer diary for its upcoming co-op/action-RPG/tower-defense game, Dungeon Defenders! The video features an in-depth look at the RPG mechanics of Dungeon Defenders. The devs show off how players can level the four different character classes, find tons of loot, raise and collect a variety of pets with different abilities, and forge and trade equipment.

“Dungeon Defenders is AAA downloadable game which is equal parts tower defense and action-RPG. Create a hero from one of four classes and develop your skills, pets, towers and abilities to fight off the evil from Etheria! Take your character online to share your wares, pets and skill with four-player local and online co-op!”

This game is really looking good, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Dungeon Defenders will be available on the PlayStation Network Oct. 18.

Hit the jump for the other three developer diaries.

  • Everything is moving along nicely. 3rd person TD is all I needed to hear to get me interested in this game but every video they release makes it an easier choice.

  • This game looks very good indeed, specially online co-op.

  • dragon290513

    hmmm, my friend is asking me to buy the 4 packs with them on steam so it will be only $10. Still thinking about it