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12 Comments Lottery 2.0 Is Complete! |

I’ve spent the last few weeks completely rebuilding the lottery which we use for giveaways from ground up! This way we have a lot more control and will be easier for us to manage and for you enter the lottery as well. I listened to all your feedback and made sure it made it’s way into the new lottery system. I tested it meticulously to make sure all bugs where fixed. If you have any more feedback please leave a reply here in the forum. I’m very proud of what I’ve created. We have many more giveaways coming so you’ll be able to try out the new lottery very soon! There are a LOT of new features but here are the main ones:

  • Social Entries: You can now EARN points for sharing the giveaway on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter! After you complete each entry and refresh there will be a icon showing your entry is successful.
  • Stats: You can see how many point entries you have left. How many possible entries you have left, such as social entries. Plus your chance of winning. This is all displayed in a nice graph which changes color based on how many entries you have left to do or your chance of winning. Try to get them all green!
  • Video Entries: We can now manually add video entries for a member right into the lottery logs!
  • All Entries: Your entries into the lottery are now highlighted in the logs so you can easily see all your entries. Plus the logs are much more detailed. They show who entered the lottery, if they spent or earned points and the entry type.
  • Twitter Follow & Google +1: You can earn points for following us on Twitter and +1 itself on Google. When you enter your first lottery from this point forward you will be asked to do those steps. If you already follow or +1 us you’ll be required to un-follow and remove the +1 on Google. Then refresh and follow and +1 us again on the lottery page. Reason for this is so we can get you some points for a follow/+1 but also so you never have to complete that step ever again on any lottery!
  • Bonus URL Entry: We have the option to share a unique link with you in the Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel, etc. Which will get you a bonus entry into the lottery and earn some points for it. BUT be quick, because only the first 10 that click it will get that bonus entry!
  • Slick new tab interface
  • Completely new look & functions
  • Message boxes the help instruct you on how to complete entries and other information.
  • that looks pretty slick.

  • very spiffy! I look forward to giving it a go. great job, tosh! 🙂

  • wolfkin

    sounds cool can’t wait to try it out.. hint hint.

  • Great work! This will make it even easier (and more convenient) for everyone to enter the giveaways.

    We’ve got a LOT of surprises for everyone in the next couple of weeks so keep visiting the site, leaving useful comments on the forums and on the main posts and quicknews as those points will be put to good use!

  • dragon290513

    the next giveaway cant come soon enough 😀

  • that is the best giveaway interface i’ve seen ;p

  • Jay

    I suggested the tabs, yo 😛

  • Ajescent

    I like.

  • Oly

    Awesome work! Giveaways shall commence soon..

  • There is always another feature I didn’t mention but I’ll keep that secret for now. We may use it down the road.

  • There’s actually a “Pedro Wins” button, but Tosh is holding on ’till we have a major retail title giveaway…

  • Can’t wait to use it Tosh, love what you did with the colors, exactly what that lottery system needed.