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Free Points Saturday! |

It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means! There will be 10 chances to win 250 points, so hurry up and answer before you lose that chance! This should be another easy one.

This racing title, featuring 10 tracks and a ton of brand placement, was released by Sony Computer Entertainment on both the PlayStation and on PC, but future sequels would remain PlayStation exclusives.

All Points Claimed
Answer: Jet Moto


  • Woot… thanks for the free points 🙂

  • GAH …. browser crashed and it reloaded the page now -250 points … doh :/

  • Jay

    you still got 250. I just removed 250 because you were originally rewarded 500 because I forgot to save the settings lol

  • Good one. Took a bit of thinking on this one.

  • dragon290513

    i swear if not for this I would have no idea such game exist

  • oh lol …. whew then I’m good then 😛

  • Easy? I just tried every Sony racing title I know.

  • I mean it’s good I don’t know cause I hate racers, but OMG WTF is it!

  • damn that took a bit of thinking but i finally got it

  • Trickiest one yet, but a very fun game. I might have to replay it now.

  • No way… i swear i entered that. NOOO

  • Jay

    did you put in Jet Moto or JetMoto? It’s gotta have the space in it!

  • I saw the hint for 2 words so im pretty sure i put in ” jet moto” unless i just didnt guess that somehow lol

  • Jay

    lol, sucky!

  • dragon290513

    just curious but is there any hidden hints that I dont know about? I just based on the infomation you provide, then search a list of games published by SCE, which is not too many and then jet moto came up with both pc and PSX as platform.

  • Should have mentioned how it shared musical tracks with Twisted Metal 2 XD I always found that hilarious.