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Devil May Cry HD Collection officially announced |

Clear your schedules for early next year, Devil May Cry fans, as CAPCOM has just acknowledged the existence of a Devil May Cry HD collection. The early 2012 release will contain updated versions of DMC, DMC 2 and DMC 3, completely remastered in high definition with added Trophy support. The Devil May Cry HD collection will retail at $39.99 and will be available for PS3 in a couple of months.

Hope we get a full set of trophies for each game WITH a Platinum this time around after the bad, bad taste left by RE 4 and Code Veronica skipping on it even at the $19.99 price point AND with such hard trophies to begin with.

And, finally, just to make it easier to consider this as a purchase, here’s a small sample of how much work has been done to bring all 3 PS2 releases into the HD era:

  • Devil May Cry 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all other entries.

    Edit: The official PS3 HD Collection box art.

  • Never got to play DMC 2 so this would be a great incentive to do so.

    @Sakinah: Noooope. DMC 3 was full of winning!

  • Also, since that image has a PEGI rating maybe it’s the EU-only boxart?

  • I tried playing the older ones on ps2 and bottom line is the combat seems so boring after 4. I think many will agree when this hits

  • EdEN: Also, since that image has a PEGI rating maybe it’s the EU-only boxart?  

    Yeah. So far they’ve only announced the exact date for EU. I’ve bought every DMC game and the second game is garbage. The first game is better in my opinion because Dante wasn’t a loudmouth fool like he is in the 3rd one.

  • Never played DMC… but what are everyone’s feelings on all these HD Collections? I’m not sure if I like it or not, many pros and cons…

  • The original Devil May Cry was simply bad ass! after that, the series just went downhill … I purchased the first one, rented the second as for the third I didn’t even finish it, complete disappointment. To be honest I don’t have my hopes up for the reboot either, I just want to see a second Bayonetta title, does this make sense?
    Hopefully the games will be released individually on PSN, I would play the first DMC just for the hell of it!

  • Interesting, I might pick this up. Not sure if I’ll platinum them since I’m sure it will require some crazy trophies. I did enjoy 1 and 3 a lot, 2 was….not good.

  • Jay

    I enjoyed the third as well. 4th was OK. Never tried 2, as I heard it was bad. The first one, however, has something about it that the others just couldn’t match.

    As far as the reboot goes, I’m still not old on it, though, it does look good graphically. I’m just not liking the whole young emo Dante angle they’re pushing. That’s not as bad ass as the original.

  • I swear they just made the DMC Collection like awhile back. Now it’s HD!!! Omg money whores. That being said, TROPHIES? 😀

  • @Darklurker23: There WAS a boxset with all 3 PS2 games but it was just a reprint of each game in the same retail packaging as if you bought each separately. This one is HD and has trophies!

  • dragon290513

    that official cover art looks meh :-s

  • wolfkin

    i think i bought the PS3 boxset. HD doesn’t matter much to me and $40 is a lot for some trophies. The price of $40 for 3 games is at my bare limit. I really think they should be $10 each and I think the same with the Splinter Cell trilogy. Still at least $40 for 3 is better than $40 for 2 like Uncharted, Resistance and plenty others.

  • Ajescent

    Something tells me that if Resi is anything to go by, the “HD” in this will be miniscule at best.

  • @Pedro: It depends on the collection and how much work has been done. Both GoW are great and really bring the games into the PS3 in style AND with SEVERAL Platinum. RE4 and Code Veronica do it wrong as digital only releases at $20 each, without a Platinum trophy AND without much HD changes in there.

  • wolfkin

    I tend to devalue things like “Platinum Trophies” and “HD” so for me I actually like the Resident Evil style.. I’d just like a slightly smaller price tag.

    We do have to consider that GoW (I assume you’re referring to the original collection) was maxing out the PS2 so there was room for it to look better on PS3 where as these games.. not so much. Which means if you want to make them look significantly better you’re going in and essentially recreating the game. and even with your short cuts (all the code from the original game) that’s still a substantial amount of effort.. and people don’t really want to put forth that kind of effort that’s that Metal Gear Twin Snakes or Resident Evil for Gamecube level of effort and honestly the gamers don’t care. I’m perfectly happy having the games just compatible with my PS3 i don’t need that many bells and whistles on an old game.