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19 Comments Uncharted 3 Game Night | Oct. 17 |

Time for our first Uncharted 3 game night! Don’t have access? Head over to Subway to get the early multiplayer access code. I’ve been playing it off and on and it’s a blast! It’s a big improvement over Uncharted 2 I think.

For everyone that shows up to the game night I will be picking a winner at random to giveaway a Uncharted 3 mystery skinned Weapon #3 code that I got from E3 2011!

Iโ€™ll be hanging around in the Home Clubhouse about 10 minutes before we begin if you want to hang out there for a bit. We have arcades machines, pool table and a golden throne for you to try out.

You will get 100 points for coming to a game night. When you show up for the game night I will message you on the PSN with a secret word which you can use below to get your points.

Enter the secret word sent to you on the PSN by the game host to get your 100 points!

We will begin around 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST (UTC -7), 8 pm EST; I can play for at least 2 1/2 – 3 hours.

If youโ€™d like to join us, leave your PSN ID below. My PSN ID is xBerserker, but mention โ€œ Game Nightโ€ in your PSN friend request message or I will NOT add you.

If you would like to set up another time for a game night, you can arrange it in the Game Night Group. Or even do a post like this yourself.

  • I always get screwd in these, I dont’ get home till 9:30 ish and dont’ get situated till 10 ๐Ÿ™ Probably’ll be over by then (>>)

    • Want to host a game that people can join around 10? I can updated the post.

  • Well, I don’t have a code and subway didn’t do that around here ;p

    (but also I’m enjoying Dark Souls singlemultiplayer way too much to care)

  • ah boo working tonight so cant make it

  • oh sure. host a game night when I’ll be doing a live blog – we’ll have to do another one when the game actually comes out..

  • Oly

    Darklurkr23 add me.. I don’t play till 11pm or later PAC usually.. oly1kenobi

    Pedro do u want a code??

  • @Oly nah, I’m good. I ain’t complaining. Dark Souls is sucking up whatever free time I have.

  • Uncharted Gamenight is tempting, I will make the effort to show up Tosh, despite that it will be kinda late.

  • Oly

    NEW UC3 Map today!
    “Starting today, weโ€™re adding a revamped map โ€” Facility โ€” to the experience so you can practice your new skills on this fresh level. “

  • and there’s a new level?? dang!

  • @Oly do you know if the codes work in canada, because if they do i would like a code, we dont have this promotion up in the frigid north

  • Sounds cool Oly. ๐Ÿ˜€ O yea make note, I fucking hate HighRise. Horrible Map.

  • i have a little big of time i would like to join in finally this time =D

  • sorry forgot my psn aznxchunky

  • For anyone coming to this tonight, make sure you patch up your game so you can join in!

  • We only got 2 now we need some buddies ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Oly

    kennygk: @Oly do you know if the codes work in canada, because if they do i would like a code, we dont have this promotion up in the frigid north  

    Yes, it should work i’ll get you a code..

  • that was fun nice win to finish the night =]

  • Actually its alright oly, i wanna wait until christmas when i get it, i just wanted the code for this game night but its already over.