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Releases for the Week (October 17th-23rd) |

Mmm, how long will publishers be able to keep up this schedule? Once January 2012 is with us I’m pretty sure we’ll be lucky to get 6 releases in all between retail and PSN as, for some reason, publishers are still stubborn and decide to release ALL their games between the last two weeks of october up to the holidays in an effort to get as many of them $$$ for their bank accounts. Funny how that works since last time I checked we actually buy games ALL YEAR LONG since we don’t do our gaming just during the november-february period, right?

As for this week, we’ve got a total of 23 releases (yep, almost a full two dozen!) that are as follows: 9 at retail, 9 PSN, 4 minis and 1 PSOne Classic. Care to find out what is being considered for each of these categories so you can plan your gaming budget for it all? Then come on in!


You can Buy Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Right Here!

You can Buy Everybody Dance Right Here!

You can Buy Batman Arkham City Right Here!

Or Maybe you want the Collector’s Edition!

You can Buy Rocksmith Right Here!

You can Buy The Sims 3: Pets Right Here!

You can Buy National Geographic Challenge Right Here!



  • not much retail wise except for Batman. though there are a few psn games there that i fancy

  • Oh look Arkham City is here!

    A lot of PSN releases (and giveaways!). I’ll be reviewing Payday: The Heist, so look out for that! Will be up ASAP!

  • Oly

    wow lots of stuff!
    BATMAN will have to wait its turn.. I still need to finish the first one lol

  • Batman and Okabu, here I come! I’m going to start a physical backlog of things I have to play.

  • So basically Arkham City picked the greatest week to come out EVER. NOthing at all is coming out, Plus it’s AMAZING and It’s going to sell Bonkers.

  • One of the most anticipated week for me … BATMAN !!!!!!!!!
    Rocksmith This is a very interesting price in the U.S. in its bundled with a real guitar, but not really like the track listing, RB is the best series yet, despite all week i waiting to see all the albums RCHP add on, the music GUNS N ROSES classics 87-93 are part of a generation in the U.S. and worldwide, SOAD, MORE Iron Maiden and …. and they prefer something more Pop

  • As much as i want to play the new batman, i think i’m going to wait on that. Dungeon Defenders is a game that i have been wanting to play for a while now. Cant wait to pick that up. Oh gonna have to see what Okabu is like too

  • Jay

    a new Sam and Max season? cool.

  • Good week imo!

  • Okabu is great and worth it. Also, it has a
    Platinum trophy!

    @Jay: Technically it’s and OLD Season of Sam and Max since this is Season 2 (availablemon PC and Wii for a while). New to PSN and with trophies so that makes it something to add to my collection even if I own both of the other two versions already hehehe.

  • dragon290513

    Rocksmith seems promising but Kotaku recommend not to get it 🙁

    Wonder how is Everybody dance?

    Arkham City is a no brainer, must buy!

  • wolfkin

    Ben10 has a racing game? that’s kinda what’s up. I would almost consider buying that. i hope it hits the clearance shelf soon because I will snag that up for $5 anyday.

  • would like to try Jimmies game

  • Ratchet and Clank need to buy